Leave Lord Hanuman Out of Power Games

Trust politicians to warp the most sacred of symbols to feed their power hunger.

14 May 2022

Stop medical hypocrisy, not Hippocrates

Hindu, Hindutva and Bharat are the soapboxes of the day, which every obscure wannabe nationalist uses as a podium.

07 May 2022

Out of the Blue

Elon Musk buys Twitter, the world’s most powerful social media weapon which has 23 million Indian users. What does this mean for free speech, trolls and government control?

30 Apr 2022

India Needs Charm Offensive to Avoid a MEA Culpa

The subcontinent is a seismic zone where pressures and shifts from the US, China and Russia make the tectonic plates of geo-power groan in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

23 Apr 2022

Pakistan beyond Imran

The crisis can help Pakistan take a hard look at its exploitative elite or allow the country to slide into irrevocable darkness

11 Apr 2022

South Goes North with a New Endgame

Dravidian power officially planted its flag in the heart of North Indian power last week.

09 Apr 2022

Humour is freedom’s subversive statement

Was it fine for Will Smith to get pissed off at funnyman Chris Rock for joshing his wife Jada who has a hair fall problem?

02 Apr 2022

Selective indignation is racist hypocrisy

All lives are equal but some are more equal than the others. Caucasian lives command a larger premium in the outrage market than others.

28 Mar 2022

Go! Tumultuous times for the Gandhis to walk away from the Congress leadership bridge

It is time for the Congress to look within and beyond the Gandhis. But the family seems in no hurry to vacate the premises.

20 Mar 2022

The menace of the solitary dictator

The personality profile of tyrants is a stereotype with a few variations in the scope of their cruelty. They are mesmerising orators.

13 Mar 2022

Truth and Lies Behind the Veil 

Metaphors have a purpose. They allude to a deeper meaning that represents the human initiative to hedge a bet.

26 Feb 2022

Why poll Houdini Prashant Kishor isn’t a neta

Magic is power by chicanery. Poll prestidigitator Prashant Kishor makes a living out of it.

19 Feb 2022

Saris are the answer to the raging hijab row!

 A hijab cannot be worn to school or college. Just as a religious symbol of any faith, ideally, has no place in any temple of learning.

13 Feb 2022

Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine looks imminent and the world teeters on the edge of war. At the centre of the maelstrom is the enigmatic Russian president, popular at home and hated by the West.

13 Feb 2022

PG vs MoGi war will dictate dynasty's fate

Priyanka Gandhi faces a different G-Force now than Indira and Sonia Gandhi ever did -- MoGi, which combines Modi's mass appeal and Yogi's Hindutva.

30 Jan 2022