High society rehabilitation of Indrani Mukerjea

The infamous new author is perhaps betting on a sob story with royalties to make her society royalty again.

19 Aug 2023

Rahul’s bard moment: ‘Nothing can come of nothing’

In 2019, Rahul became Hamlet, a doomed prince betrayed by his own impetuous destiny as the prince of an intrigue-infested and slavishly subversive court, namely the Congress.

11 Aug 2023

Believe in god, trust in science is new crisis

There is archaeological evidence about the Mahabharata war. In a hyper-religious political environment, science is the false religion.

04 Aug 2023

Why oppenheimers failed, but Ayatollahs may win

The nuclear bomb reoriented the world. It also changed the security objectives of governments, which will use any means possible to get an N-bomb.

22 Jul 2023

'Friends of India': How PM Modi won over the West

Narendra Modi projects India on the world stage as a superpower of tomorrow. The how, why and where he did it.

02 Jul 2023

How trolls can bowl Modi on a roll

Trust the ingenious native journalist to find a way out: the now-defunct Amrita Bazar Patrika started an English edition since the Press Act did not cover English newspapers. 

01 Jul 2023

Rat race in a world without men

Latest research is adding to mounting evidence that sperm count is declining the world over.

25 Jun 2023

Knowledge that enlightens and frightens

Evolution is the citadel that everyone from religious nuts, political carpetbaggers, serious scientists and the sci-fi crowd are ever eager to storm.

18 Jun 2023

Patriarch Shadow on Wrestlers an Ancient Evil

Many of them, especially from aristocratic families, fell from the fire to the frying pan of patriarchy.

01 Jun 2023

Trees of Life

A growing body of research on plant consciousness impacts current notions of ethics, nutrition and human survival

01 Jun 2023

Isreal Conflict