The Blasphemy of Mother Teresa

A news report in 1991 in the respected German magazine Stern estimated that only seven percent of the millions of dollars MoC received were used for charity.

08 Jan 2022

The importance of being Shashi Tharoor

Tharoor is one of the few most illustrious Congressmen -- a former senior UN diplomat, celebrated author, what is more, a three-time Lok Sabha member from Kerala. And a civilised man too.

02 Jan 2022

The Heartland's Insecure War on Humour

Social media, the dark pasture where trolls and constables of bigotry graze, is where wit is hunted, killed or driven out.

24 Dec 2021

Why the Opposition can’t figure out Modi

A paradox of chronology is that how personalities see themselves is not how all the world perceives them.

20 Dec 2021

Why Mamata must beware the Congress

The dominant force standing in Didi’s way is also the Congress. And there go her chances.

04 Dec 2021

New cycle in right vs liberal saga

As Liberals struggle with the Hindu Rashtra concept, the American White Christian Right has declared war on liberalism.

28 Nov 2021

Bharat and India must unite for democracy

The road to democracy is paved with idealistic intentions and the road to governance is paved with the dreams of a nation.

20 Nov 2021

Copycat Hindutva is trouble for BJP

The sundry cockerels in the intellectual coop are crowing that the BJP should be pleased. 

13 Nov 2021

How Modi can be top regional leader

Modi is India’s tallest national leader. He could be India’s tallest regional leader too.

06 Nov 2021

Putting on a face isn’t facing it

The Modi of today is not the Modi of yesterday either. His face, deep with gravitas, looks like a totem to be worshipped. Where has the Modi of 2014 gone?

24 Oct 2021

Why people hate celebrities they love

A flair for showmanship, versatility, and a greed for fame for fame's sake set apart a celebrity from more talented achievers.

16 Oct 2021

The Mall Road Honey Trap

To bee or not to bee, I could have asked the paunches and batwings. To beer would probably be their answer.

09 Oct 2021

Farewell to the spy who loved himself

James Bond was a god in a tux with a Walther PPK in his hand instead of Thor’s thunderbolt, bedding his way through an ocean of pulchritude to deliver us from evil. 

09 Oct 2021

Shaping an opposition in PK's form

The tactician behind Mamata Banerjee's thunderous victory declared that he was no longer in the election game.

20 Jun 2021

Are aliens real? Close encounters of many kinds

Are aliens real? A Pentagon report containing details about UFOs and clandestine space programmes will be out this month.

13 Jun 2021