Reema Moudgil

We Need Sensitive, Not Smart, Cities

Architecture theorist Kaiwan Mehta says architecture is best enjoyed collectively, not through exclusive balconies or swish buildings where people hardly share the sun or the breeze with the pedestrians below

22 Oct 2015

Great Cities Don't Exclude Their Citizens

Architect Ramu Katakam says Bengaluru must develop in synergy with its people

20 Oct 2015

Why India Needs its Dissenting Heroes to Keep Raising Their Voices

We should be thankful that a few writers are using their fame for something more concrete than self-promotional, insensitive tweets

19 Oct 2015

Aishwarya Continues to Run in Slow Motion

Despite the disdain her‘come-back’ has been greeted with, she is not going anywhere

14 Oct 2015

'It is sad a murder has gone unacknowledged'

Author Shashi Deshpande opens up on her reasons for resigning from the General Council of the \'silent\' Sahitya Akademi

12 Oct 2015

Definitive Bachchan Moments

October 11 was his birthday and we look back at some memorable romantic performances of the 73-year-old screen legend who was wrongly stereotyped as the angry-young-man

12 Oct 2015

'In Life and in Music, you Need Clarity and Balance'

Composer Anandji of the legendary Kalyanji-Anandji team shares the secrets of his rewarding career

08 Oct 2015

Enough of Too Many Fractured Realities

In the time of multiple perspectives, we need stories, images and messages that come from a place of honesty

06 Oct 2015

The Lion in Winter Strolls into Town

Aamir Raza Husain and wife Virat are bringing James Goldman\'s play to Bengaluru

30 Sep 2015

The Gentle voice that Refused to Fade Away and Continues to Resonate

Vani Jairam holds forth on coexistence in the arts beyond politics and the humility she won’t give up even after 45 years of accolades

28 Sep 2015

Remembering the Master of Images

Ace photographer Gautam Rajadhyaksha passed away in September 2011 but his memories stay alive

28 Sep 2015

The Man of Many Rebellions who Set us Free

September born Freddie Mercury was raised in India but he was a global phenomenon who had begun like us but somewhere decided that just one reality was not enough

24 Sep 2015

An Affair to Remember

Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi passed away on September 22, 2011 but not before becoming an unforgettable memory

23 Sep 2015

Few Nuanced Men and Women on TV

The stories we pick to tell on our screens show an enormous lack of depth and insight into evolving gender equations in India

17 Sep 2015

'Indian Cinema Has Spread Itself Thin Today'

Actor and author Tom Alter says the social media has diluted the magic of movies

17 Sep 2015

Yet Another Take On Varnished Reality And Mascara Bleeding Ambition

Madhur Bhandarkar is back with Calendar Girls and the promos give away the plot and convey once again that the maker\'s take on the glamour industry is not insightful but in the vein of a \'nudge nudge, wink wink\' gossip monger

10 Sep 2015

The Face of Success is Changing in Bollywood

Because of actors like Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddqui, power equations are undergoing a shift in an industry infamous for favouritism

09 Sep 2015

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