Everyone must learn CPR in order to save lives: Expert

The sudden collapse of a healthy person can be the first symptom of cardiac arrest, doctors say.

27 Sep 2022

No money? No worries; this hospital only charges Rs 1 as fee

Explaining his motive, Gangadhar Gupta, the chairman of the hospital, tells TNIE that he felt compelled to serve humankind in February and started the hospital with his money.

26 Sep 2022

Botched family planning surgeries: Telangana doctor faces criminal case

The DPL acceptor should be kept in the facility for post-operative care for at least 24 hours.

25 Sep 2022

Stumped! The ticket that was not to be

After the stampede, police randomly allow a large crowd of cricket fans inside the ground; those who had been standing in the queue since morning vent their frustration at the police

23 Sep 2022

Just 44 per cent of Class three students in Telangana can tell time

When it’s 9 am and most schools begin their classes, less than half of the 9-year-olds in Telangana schools can tell the time by looking at a clock.

20 Sep 2022

Hyderabad fire: Goodbye for the day turned out to be final farewell

Death called too early for Chandan Jethi and Mithali Mahapatra, both 29 and newly-wed when the fire broke at Ruby Pride Luxury Hotel on Monday night.

14 Sep 2022

IIT-Hyderabad expresses shock at suicide of two students

The institution explained that Rahul never showed any signs of depression while Megh started attending counselling sessions which he did not continue.

11 Sep 2022

MRSA infection found in FP surgery patients

MRSA which is also known as super bug, is a contagious bacterial infection. As its name suggests, it has become resistant to the Methicillin antibiotic.

03 Sep 2022

Quadragenarian heart patient aces Hyderabad Marathon

Lingam, who works as a welder, was diagnosed with a heart ailment last year with 18 per cent heart pumping capacity.

29 Aug 2022

Only three counsellors for 8,500 IIIT-Basara students

Along with the two female and one male counsellors, the centre has a laboratory for psychological assessment.

28 Aug 2022

Hyderabad Fever Hospital overwhelmed by increase in flu cases

In July alone, the facility admitted 282 patients with viral infections

19 Aug 2022

New 3D technology to preserve palm leaf manuscripts

Palm leaf manuscripts cover a wide range of subjects like Astronomy, Architecture, Law, Music and Medicine.

17 Aug 2022

Centenarian freedom fighter Etykuri Krishnamurthy laments politicos encouraging religious divide

As the country celebrates 75 years of Independence, centenarian freedom fighter Etykuri Krishnamurthy laments the practice of politicians encouraging dissonance among religions.

15 Aug 2022

Covid setup at Gandhi Hospital can be used to test for monkeypox

Telangana is ready to conduct monkeypox testing at Gandhi Hospital and give accurate reports independently in case of an outbreak.

03 Aug 2022

4 per cent in 15 days: Booster dose coverage low in Telangana

In total, the State has so far administered around two million precautionary doses, covering just eight per cent of the population.

01 Aug 2022