Reshma Ravishanker

Bengaluru: Eatery blindfolds you, before it serves you

What happens when you can't use the sense of vision at a restaurant? It throws open an opportunity for you to put the rest to use and indulge in an all new experience, believe two Bengaluru-based entr

25 Dec 2017

Frail Thimmakka overpowered by 250kg shower of flowers

Centenarian environmentalist Saalumarada Thimmakka, who recently spent several days in hospital following respiratory ailments and breathing discomfort, was showered with about 250 kg of flowers at an

17 Dec 2017

This doc is curing Bengaluru of its potholes

The city’s chronic pothole problem has finally prodded a doctor to fix the ailing roads. Armed with a band of people, who are his former indebted patients, the good doctor has begun

10 Dec 2017

This doctor is curing city of its potholes

The city’s chronic pothole problem has finally prodded a doctor to fix the ailing roads. Armed with a band of people, who are his former indebted patients, the good doctor has begun doing the rounds o

05 Dec 2017

City takes to  gymming under the blue sky

Bengalureans find fitness and cross-trainers after BBMP opens well-maintained open-air gyms. Senior citizens say they have started exercising more thanks to these easy-to-use equipment

29 Nov 2017

Trouble in NIMHANS as nurses go on strike

PLANS to start a new Operation Theatre has brewed trouble at NIMHANS as a group of nurses went on a strike opposing it on Monday.

21 Nov 2017

Bengaluru not suitable for those with respiratory ailments: Doctors

Even though Bengaluru’s air pollution levels are not as scary as in Delhi, City doctors say that it is not suitable for those with existing respiratory ailments to stay.

13 Nov 2017

Flowers BRING message of peace from Kashmir

Exchange of flowers between families of martyrs and former militants was the highlight of the event on Friday.

11 Nov 2017

Starting at 4am, these men cook up a storm

The warmth of rice being steamed, the aromas of the spices in sambar and the flavours of pulav which is cooking in a pot welcomes anyone  entering the Indira Canteen kitchen where dinner is being read

08 Nov 2017

Another deadline nears, potholes still dot many roads in Bengaluru

Mayor however claims 95 pc of potholes filled on major roads while 98 pc are covered in sub-arterial roads

06 Nov 2017

Child suffers severe burns following electric shock, family blames KPTCL

Enter a house tucked away in Koramangala’s residential area in Jal Bhavan’s neighbourhood and a woman rushes to offer hand sanitizer.

05 Nov 2017

‘Veerappan was ahead of us’

It is a gripping book about hunting down one of the most infamous brigands in the country. In discussion at the Bangalore Literature Festival 2017 was a story about what went into the killing of Veerappan.“

30 Oct 2017

Reaching out to Children of a Lesser God

Do-gooder Jayamma, who saved seven children, doesn’t want to be under public glare and says it was just a humane act

29 Oct 2017

100 cc bike ban: Two-wheeler sales take a hit

Prospective buyers feel they will have to incur additional cost for making modifications to such vehicles.

27 Oct 2017

From the heart

Do-gooder Jayamma, who saved seven children  in Kurubarahalli and doesn’t want to be under public glare; says her rescue of the kids was just a humane act

22 Oct 2017

Night out with friends turns awry for driver

A night out for four friends from Bengaluru went terribly wrong after one of them was washed away in the flooding waters during the overnight rain.

12 Oct 2017

Officials busy counting potholes

If you see men bending and peering at a road, don’t get alarmed. It is the BBMP engineers counting the number of potholes on the city roads.

11 Oct 2017

BBMP waits for sun to fix potholes

Civic body blames heavy rains for missing the deadline; new Mayor says will take up work in a phased manner to fill more than 5,000 potholes on city roads.

03 Oct 2017

A risky ride on expressway

The Electronics City Elevated Expressway, when built about seven years ago to provide a faster and signal-free corridor ,this rain it sees waterlogging at several places, making it dangerous.

02 Oct 2017

With a cuppa in hand, discover yourself at this cafe

Walk into this cafe in Indiranagar and you will be offered more than the usual coffee and sandwiches.

02 Oct 2017

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