Ritwika Mitra

Barricades, internet suspension can’t dampen spirits, say farmers ahead of Saturday's 'chakka jam'

The police have erected concrete barricades, spread concertina wire and hammered long metal spikes at Singhu and other key protests sites at the borders.

03 Feb 2021

COVID-19 lockdown: Slum dwellers donate ration to those going hungry

But when help arrived in the form of rations this week, the communities decided to forego them and instead, distributed it to near-by clusters.

24 Apr 2020

NCST gives its nod for inclusion of Tamaria community in ST list of Jharkhand

The National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST) has given its nod for the inclusion of the Tamaria community of Jharkhand in the list of scheduled tribes in Jharkhand.

14 Oct 2019

BJP's Lok Sabha elections 2019 sweep shows saffron party's rising vote share

The BJP’s loss of nine seats in Uttar Pradesh was more than offset by the big gains it made in West Bengal and Karnataka as compared to the 2014 elections.

25 May 2019

Gay abandon over ruling at SC lawns

Once news of the apex court’s judgement decriminalising gay sex spread, the optimistic mood palpable since morning turned euphoric.

07 Sep 2018

Trapped in manual scavenging

As the govt survey on manual scavengers gets delayed, Ritwika Mitra visits some villages in UP to find that poverty, lack of options and systemic apathy make scores of people pick human excreta.

13 Aug 2018

Humiliation in school due to untouchability scars lives of children

Untouchability is scarring the lives of thousands of children in Uttar Pradesh.

12 Aug 2018