Rochana Mohan

Hues that herald health in this Chennai hospital

The paintings that adorn the walls of Kauvery Hospital aim to soothe the minds of patients while also supporting lesser-known local artists

30 Oct 2019

Music from noise

The sounds of an autorickshaw’s horn, the roar of a bus rushing past, and the chatter from a busy street play in the background.

21 Oct 2019

Beware of this silent killer

Constant headaches, giddiness and elevated blood pressure may be symptoms of hypertension, but often patients are not aware that they have this disease

03 Oct 2019

Game on with the legends: A day out with cosplayers in Chennai

Sword-wielding armour-clad warriors, digital monsters in shiny wings and demon slayers from the anime-manga world — TNIE has a day out with cosplayers.

30 Sep 2019

Anime music brings people together in Chennai

The crowd gathered at the courtyard pulls out their phones and records the band performing on stage excitedly, singing along with the vocalists.

30 Sep 2019

Chennai’s Otakus get a new ‘Character’ 

For the Bengaluru-based cosplay dance group Kyarakuta, songs from well-known animes and other Japanese music is a way to express their passion and love for dance. 

30 Sep 2019

War and peace

Someone cut you off in line or commented on your weight — On International Day of Peace, follow these ten commandments to keep your cool

21 Sep 2019

Chennai mother’s journey to be the book 

Resilience and growth are the two lessons that Padmini Viswanathan has learned over the course of her writing career.

28 Aug 2019

The record-breaking rider

Injuries and family committments did not stop Kalaivani J from riding 2,000 km, without a break, to enter the India Book of Records

26 Aug 2019

Spotlight on arts at Advantage Dyslexia

Swetha Krishna, secretary of MDA, said there are approximately two million children with dyslexia in Tamil Nadu alone.

20 Aug 2019

A penny for your collection

Numismatists talk about the importance of knowing the history of one’s prized possessions, lack of dealers in the city, and the value of a well-maintained currency roster

20 Aug 2019

A musical bond

Two voices come together in perfect harmony, the lilts of one supporting and amplifying the dips of the other.

14 Aug 2019

Travel and trust

With La Alegria International Tours Pvt Ltd, SR Thirumurugan Shivalingam is making   travelling an experience because the journey matters more than the destination     

08 Aug 2019

Parkour makes a comeback

This military training regimen is re-emerging as the city’s favourite fitness discipline

06 Aug 2019

Tour de change: This Chennai cyclist is pedalling for a great cause

In his 85-day quest to create awareness on human trafficking, Naresh Kumar met humanity, kindness 
and compassion

03 Aug 2019