Rubi Chakravarti

Back to my home and hearth

Coming home was a mixed experience. An inexplicable fear gripped me at the lackadaisical attitude we seem to have. Disembarking from the flight was a nightmare in itself.

02 Aug 2021

Viva the unstoppable!

To be honest, I’m a home-body. My detractors may raise their eyebrows, but it’s true.

24 Jul 2021

Amchi or Namma Bangalore

Another  week flew by, as my (passionate) family had endless discussions on life, live-wire arguments and travel plans that seemed to incongruously present itself.

17 Jul 2021

Just wanting ‘in’!

There is definitely a chirp in my voice and a spring in my step because I am in my ‘native’ Mumbai (as we fondly call it namma ooru).

10 Jul 2021

My people, my tribe... theatre

The lockdown last year was a pre-emptive measure taken because the world was reeling and dying.

03 Jul 2021

Gone too soon

I would often re-arrange the interpretations in my mind and pick the most powerful one. 

26 Jun 2021

Desperately seeking normal in Bengaluru

The city has re-opened (a tad more cautiously this time around) and it’s a relief to see household staff returning to homes and the look of sheer delirium on the face of their employers.

19 Jun 2021

The art of kintsugi

Forthright and truthful I am but that is because there’s too much effort one has to put in to lie and frankly, it’s not worth it.

29 May 2021

Just call to say I love you

Does the sight of people suffering, dying and grovelling for a breath of air make them feel superior; give them a God complex perhaps?

22 May 2021

Mothers, the world needs us!

They will intellectually hold-forth, but not move from their comfort zones to do anything.

15 May 2021

Identify, amplify and verify

They have seamlessly organised themselves into Covid warriors, sometimes achieving the impossible.

08 May 2021

Waiting to exhale

As I reluctantly open my eyes in the mornings, I take an almost involuntary deep breath as my chest constricts and I struggle to gulp in a breath of fresh air.

01 May 2021

Paradise lost…forever?

Unfortunately this greeting is going to be the only upbeat thing that I am going to be sharing with you today.

24 Apr 2021

The final countdown

I got a taste of the high that one feels while ‘living dangerously’ when I ‘safely’ had a raucous lunch with other co-survivors and co-vaccinated.

17 Apr 2021

Celebrating the Peltzman Effect

So my friend, who is a researcher at John Hopkins Institute, introduced me to the Peltzman Effect.

03 Apr 2021