Rubi Chakravarti

Here, there, & everywhere

Though the lovely Dia Bhandari doesn’t technically live in our city anymore, she is what we call a ‘pucca’ Bangalore girl.

02 Dec 2023

Turning invisible

The menu boasted of moringa soup, sai-bhaji tempura and some delicious chicken and mutton preparations with a unique yet quintessential Sindhi flavour.

25 Nov 2023

Warmth of the season

The end of year marks festivities galore and there seems to be just the right fit for everybody.

11 Nov 2023

Namma-ooru Bengaluru

04 Nov 2023

The vanquishers

The Durga Puja in Kolkata used to be ‘para’ or a neighborhood activity, which was the epicentre of exchanging news to fixing alliances.

28 Oct 2023


As a child I thought it was my fault. Somehow I felt I ‘made’ them do and say these unspeakable things to me.

21 Oct 2023

Hanging loose

Everything doesn’t have to be a mad rush or at a frenzied pace. Sometimes ‘hanging’ and ‘chillin’ gives one a halcyon space to think, introspect and calm down.

07 Oct 2023

Stand-up sitting down!

Whoever has dared to bring a big show into our city has devoted an enormous amount of time untangling snafus.

30 Sep 2023

Recipe for life

They loved us unconditionally and they expressed it by re-creating, preparing and serving, with utmost generosity, the most delicious and exotic dishes from their undivided homeland.

23 Sep 2023

Sips and soirees

Sometimes I feel blessed at the amount of friends I have with no agendas (like using each other) on their minds. We have worked long and hard in our careers and are successful in our own right.

16 Sep 2023

Roisterers & daubers

It never fails to rain, even a slight precipitation during the Ganapati celebrations or on Janmashtami day perpetuating the stories we were brought up on. 

09 Sep 2023

Post-celebration woes, ‘Maha-bellys’!

This is the spirit of our country where service and sharing are ingrained. But as one jealous friend remarked, we will now have to deal with our ’maha-bellys’ !

02 Sep 2023

Moon madness

Marco Pierre-White, the three-time Michelin star awardee and celebrity chef was in town.

26 Aug 2023

Abundance and blessings

The ‘powers that be’ haven’t thought this through by introducing the frequency or adding more buses. But as a populist move have made travelling on buses gratis.

21 Aug 2023

No tax to relax!

They say that ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’. There must be something left of the earth to inherit right?

08 Aug 2023

Isreal Conflict