Rubi Chakravarti

Knights in white satin

One person’s freedom of expression may well be another person’s captivity of thought. I prefer the good old fashioned word ‘manners’.

28 Nov 2022

The past & present

Ah well! One can’t have everything in life now can they? But, I am truly grateful for all the love, affection and experiences that come my way.

19 Nov 2022

Bric-a-brac and Bangalore

Wearing hats that display hotel logos and a pair of flimsy gloves we mix the ambrosia with the fruit getting a wee bit intoxicated in the process.

14 Nov 2022

Let’s ‘lighten’ up with festivals

As Asians, we identify with the fact that all our festivals and celebrations centre around the solstices, as we are predominantly an Agrarian race.

05 Nov 2022

Sustainable soirees…

The only difference is that now I am too tired to be excited and celebrating, only means more clearing and cleaning to do in its aftermath.

29 Oct 2022

Birthday shenanigans

I have always tried not to make a big shindig about an impending birthday.

22 Oct 2022

Equal in all ways

It’s a roller coaster ride with having to pick my battles and turn hostile discussions into amiable ones.

15 Oct 2022

Sleepy hollow?...nah!

Since the planet Mars has moved out of retrograde (according to very authentic sources like Instagram and Twitter), I feel that all my minor health hiccups may be firmly behind me.

08 Oct 2022

Buzzing and stinging

Namma  ooru is turning into a hot-bed of activity.

01 Oct 2022

Lonely hearts’ club

Hola  my tribe! I address you thus, because it is very important to have a sense of belonging. 

24 Sep 2022

Zen state of mind

As I get older (and hopefully wiser), I steer clear of dinner-debates and ‘over cocktail’ run-ins because the arguments never end!

19 Sep 2022

‘Drown’ it out!

Bengaluru was once a city of lakes.

10 Sep 2022

Whole and complete

I took my greatest ‘leap of faith’ here, by becoming a performing artiste, shunning my staid profession of practising law, with my friends cheering me on.

13 Aug 2022

Truly, madly, deeply

Even though the mighty Arabian Ocean separates us, I am always excited at this time of the week because I get to connect with you guys!

06 Aug 2022

Twin cities

The warm hug and the non-stop chatter remained unchanged. She may have changed cities but one can never take ‘the Bengaluru’ out of this girl.

01 Aug 2022