Rubi Chakravarti

Staying alive with meaning

It is the essence of survival that nature sniffs out the weakest and the most vulnerable.

13 Mar 2021

Being a game changer

I’m close to being a senior myself and for the first time my diabetic condition was an asset rather than a deficit because I was fortunate enough to be vaccinated.

06 Mar 2021

The new (AB)normal

Another year is nearly coming to an end, and this time we can honestly say that we ‘don’t know where it went’! Things haven’t changed all that much, and a false bonhomie abounds.

28 Dec 2020

The mask-querade ball

They say that karma is canis-femina, and sometimes its fangs make a deep dent in the derriere of entitled people who forget that the position they occupy is ‘fugit tempus’ (temporary).

12 Dec 2020

Getting back the mojo

These last two weeks have been loaded with epiphanies.

28 Nov 2020

The heart of the matter

Some of you may be wondering why my former greeting has suddenly taken a backseat.

22 Nov 2020

A new order dawns

The second lot is constantly scanning their Aarogya Setu apps or better still, consulting their WhatsApp gobble-de-gook, trying desperately to decipher between the riff and the raff.

16 Nov 2020

When ‘good’ sense prevails

I would be disappointed if this week too was not a roller-coaster ride of emotions and strange events.

17 Oct 2020

Cosmic connection – karma and the derriere!

After going through a whole gamut of emotions this year, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, I now find myself in an amused state of mind.

10 Oct 2020

Healing, body and soul

At the cost of sounding like a stuck DVD, I have cleared the toxins from my body, dusted the cobwebs and general ‘meh’ from my brain and I’m back in action.

03 Oct 2020

Out, about and aware

It is nice to see a quiet buzz in Bangalore as restaurateurs and retailers open their doors to welcome customers.  

05 Sep 2020

Inside out: Enough is enough 

As I was sipping my morning cup of tea standing on my balcony, I suddenly didn’t feel like doing my morning affirmations.

22 Aug 2020

The daring way

It is that time of the week again when we get to interact and agree to disagree with each other.

17 Aug 2020

Shifting the Focus

Why we suffer ghosts from our past and present, develop fears and complexes and torture our minds and tie it into knots rather than admit we have a mental illness and need help.

08 Aug 2020

Live life… awake

The sun is shining with predictable intermediate rains and the green foliage of our city is dancing and preening.

01 Aug 2020

With a little help from my friends

Their only daughter and my best friend, Geramin, valiantly held forth from the US, connecting with old school friends who were doctors, to admit her senior citizen father into hospital.

27 Jul 2020

Can only god help us?

As I sit down to write this column, for the first time I am feeling low, alienated and vulnerable.

18 Jul 2020

Who gives a damn?

It all started with an innocuous phone call in the morning. Usually if the bells toll in the morning it’s invariably for me.

11 Jul 2020

A change in perspective 

In a blink of an eye, half the year has been swallowed into an abyss.

04 Jul 2020

Turning the corner

I lay awake in bed listening to the soft breathing of my son for the entire night.

27 Jun 2020

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