S Bachan Jeet Singh

Telangana poll panel stalls flood aid; protests erupt

The staff refused to entertain applications of rain victims, who arrived at the Mee Seva centres in droves.

19 Nov 2020

Hyderabad municipal polls to be held on December 1, code of conduct in force

The last date for filing of nominations would be November 20. The last date for withdrawal of nominations would be November 22.

18 Nov 2020

Night bazar to soon dot Hussainsagar shoreline

Utmost care would be taken to preserve the full tank level and water quality of the lake, while building the proposed night bazar, said HMDA officials.

04 Nov 2020

The grim return to battered homes in Badangpet near Hyderabad post floods

Each family's loss is estimated at Rs 5 lakh and they now have no option but to throw out or burn all the damaged goods in open spaces.

03 Nov 2020

Osman Nagar still flooded, residents forced to stay away

Stagnant water leads to growth of algal weeds, locality now a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

02 Nov 2020

Restoration work in Hyderabad to be delayed

Because of the delay in carrying out the restoration of battered roads, storm water drains and filling of potholes, citizens will have to bear with the inconvenience for a few more days.

28 Oct 2020

As skies clear up, GHMC to start fixing roads & drains

Once the tenders are finalised, the agencies would be asked to complete the works within a week by deploying additional men and machinery, the Mayor said. 

24 Oct 2020

Several rain-affected residents in Hyderabad left out of state's Rs 10,000 cash-relief

The government had announced that it would give Rs 10,000 to every rain-affected family that has lost clothes, utensils, food, household goods, equipment and other belongings in last week's deluge.

21 Oct 2020

Hyderabad floods: 150 colonies submerged, 40,000 families hit by rains

Families residing in inundated areas have lost almost many valuable household articles like television, fridge, etc.

19 Oct 2020

Trapped and ignored, residents of Telangana's Kompally colony begin to migrate

As there are no signs of anyone arriving to help them, residents started leaving the colony with whatever belongings they could lay their hands on.

17 Oct 2020

Marooned in misery: Unable to move out, Hyderabad residents continue to stay in submerged houses

At least 100 colonies in Hyderabad still under water; MAUD Minister KTR visits flood-hit areas; portion of Jangaon’s iconic Quilashapur Fort’s wall collapses.

16 Oct 2020

Leisure & a long ORR drive

For Hyderabadis who love taking long drives and often use the Outer Ring Road to reach their  estinations, travel is set to become more comfortable.

11 Oct 2020

Secondary Collection and Transport Points: Hyderabad finds smarter way to manage waste

Aimlessly tossing garbage into an overflowing waste bin at a street corner will soon be passé in Hyderabad. 

04 Oct 2020

Hyderabad rains: Several localities affected by overflowing tanks, life brought to standstill

The dearth of storm water drains in Meerpet and Badangpet municipalities are adding to the woes of residents.

28 Sep 2020

Four connectivity sectors from Hyderabad to ORR mooted

The four sectors include, Shamshabad to Patancheru, Patancheru to Shamirpet, Shamirpet to Pedda Amberpet (Vijayawada Highway) and Pedda Amberpet (Vijayawada Highway) to Shamshabad.

21 Sep 2020