S N Mathur

Mixed Bag of Safety, Funding

There is much emphasis on amenities, meant to assuage the hurt felt by the travelling public after the steep hike

08 Jul 2014

Encourage PPP in Railways

For the Indian Railways, private sector financing appears to be a more practical alternative

14 Feb 2014

Gaps in Rail Passenger Service

Aam Aadmi being the flavour of the day, the railways should also try to meet the travel aspirations of the common man and make his journeys more comfortable in the years ahead.

06 Jan 2014

Railways and Disability Rights

Perhaps there is a strong case for bringing out a separate Railway Disabled Passenger Rights Act so that access to special facilities at railway stations and trains can be demanded by passengers as a matter of right, enforceable by law, and with penalties on the transporter in the event these are not made available.

24 Jun 2013

Monetise assets of Railways

If the public is informed of how the sale proceeds will be used, much of the criticism will get answered

24 Nov 2012

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