S Vaidhyasubramaniam

Filling the international quiver of policy arrows

Every Indian housewife desires that their children be more intelligent than their husband and this explains the rising demand for school education in India.”

18 May 2023

From nothing to something in everything

The purpose of university education is to prepare fresh graduates for a career appointment that is not yet made, as the nature of job is sweepingly getting transformed.

21 Apr 2023

Higher education to move from recognition to realisation

In another interview last week, the UGC chairman announced new regulations for Indian universities opening campuses abroad will be e-notified in a month.

24 Mar 2023

G20 Presidency is education’s watershed moment

The universalisation of the functional Indian lifestyle and its relationship with nature is one of the significant contributions that India can make to the EdWG.

31 Jan 2023

Welcome foreign universities with calibration

With a share of 21 percent of the total international student enrolment, India’s 19 percent increase in 2021-22 outgrew China’s 9 percent fall.

28 Jan 2023

Education awaits Finance Minister’s grace marks

While governments of many countries spend a higher share of GDP on education, India still lags.

11 Jan 2023

Celebrate, calibrate and cerebrate India’s education policy

Policy making requires deep cerebration that can catalytically provide an academic recognition to accomplished abilities.   

02 Mar 2019