S Vaidhyasubramaniam

Sweet syllabus for a halwa-less budget

The customary Halwa ceremony may not happen with the government’s decision to do away with the print copies of the Union Budget 2021.

16 Jan 2021

Gradual Higher-Ed Mobility Needs Faster Policy Flexibility

Not all adjustments in an online teaching-learning system are witty and comical. Some are nutty and tragic.

12 Dec 2020

NEP policy buffet needs À La Carte implementation

Restaurant gastronomy’s eternal tussle between the buffet and à la carte swings like a pendulum searching for its equilibrium position.

13 Nov 2020

Steps to global edu skyscape

That is what many leading destinations for global higher education have been doing to accelerate global student and faculty mobility.

15 Oct 2020

Boarding the Knowledge Flight

The escalator-elevator-every step climb to reach the airlines departure gate in an airport is left to every passenger’s personal situation influenced by their age, hand baggage, available time etc.

05 Sep 2020

UGC’s Distance Education Bureau needs to become Distance Accreditation Bureau 

The global pandemic has pushed education to unprecedented levels necessitating a series of action-packed reforms.

11 Jul 2020

Time to tune policy, people and process

One of the biggest casualties were schools and colleges, which were disconnected from their students and students immediately disconnected from learning.

13 Jun 2020

Atma Nirbhar Bharat: Need to move towards use-case scenario

Prime Minister Modi’s `20 lakh crore plan for self-reliant India is a punar janma for the purna ayush of Bharat.

17 May 2020

To test or not to test in Covidian Times

The student’s precious cognitive bandwidth has to align with the digitally powered online bandwidth in this nationwide academic experiment.

11 Apr 2020

Multiple test symptom of admission virus

The diversity of school education across different states and the aspirational careers of the current youth necessitate a tweaked CET to accommodate local sensitivities

08 Mar 2020

Corporate boardroom’s in absentia member

Clay’s classes were intellectually decorated in his unique way of explaining the power of disruption and innovation ranging from steel to coffee

08 Feb 2020

Celebrate, calibrate and cerebrate India’s education policy

Policy making requires deep cerebration that can catalytically provide an academic recognition to accomplished abilities.   

02 Mar 2019