S Vijay Kumar

Will India learn from west or succumb to pressure?

The UN Statute has so far flattered to deceive, hamstrung by the opaqueness of the art market and the sinister cabal that wants it to remain that way.

22 Apr 2021

Debunking claims of the idol collecting lobby

It has also reduced the great works of our ancestors to showpiece curios and made the immovable movable and the priceless priced. 

27 Mar 2021

Idol theft & the case for a national loss register 

However, this stolen art works database model should not become a provenance verification service and access to it must be strictly policed.

14 Mar 2021

Inflated oz museum purchase prices fuel demand for our idols

We have seen how the market for Indian antiquities is not just demand-driven but is actually a derived demand in previous articles in this series on illicit trade in sculptures.

09 Jan 2021

How an Australian museum ignores obvious red flags

But the case of the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) is a shocker. The museum has often ignored very clear red flags and done little to no due diligence when buying cultural treasures.

10 Dec 2020

When the buying by museums stops, the looting stops

The economics of the illicit trade in antiquities is no different from standard market economics—the price of commodities in relation to demand and supply govern the market.

17 Oct 2020

What can Indian customs do to tackle idol thefts?

A pair of beautiful granite dvarapalas (door guardians), each nearly five feet tall and weighing a ton—massive Vijayanagara dynasty edifices who had guarded the sanctum since the 15th century.

04 Jul 2020