TNPCB extends validity of CTO till June 30

Similarly, healthcare facilities and waste management facilities are also to be operated continuously.

28 Apr 2020

TN pollution control board extends validity of its licences till June 30 for all firms

TNPCB officials told The New Indian Express that renewal of CTO is due for hundreds of firms across the state, including those offering critical and essential services.

27 Apr 2020

Artificial reefs brim with marine life

Officials in State fisheries department also confirmed that lockdown coupled with annual fishing ban was replenishing the fish stocks.       

27 Apr 2020

20 Tamil Nadu hospitals to be equipped with liquid biomed waste treatment plants

A senior official of Directorate of Medical Education told Express that the proposal was sent way before the pandemic.

25 Apr 2020

Elephant in the room, quite literally

The Forest department has been cautious in issuing new ownership certificates and renewing old ones becasue there have been instances of misuse of these certificates.

23 Apr 2020

Pangolin poaching: An invitation to downfall?

Experts say, despite stringent laws, pangolins are netted, trapped or snared, mainly for Chinese markets, and some for the South East Asian countries.

23 Apr 2020

Traditional medicine’s ‘therapeutic trial’ begins in Tamil Nadu

The idea is to understand and validate the positive effect of traditional medicine on the immune system, which is critical in human repose to infectious disease.

22 Apr 2020

Consider lockdown, end fishing ban by May 23: TN urges Centre

If realised, the move will help fishermen, who have not been able to fish since the lockdown began and would have to stay home until the ban ends mid-June

15 Apr 2020

Tamil Nadu: Pollution puts Ennore locals at risk of COVID-19 pandemic?

‘People in polluted areas suffer from compromised lung function and are prone to infections like COVID-19’

12 Apr 2020

Zoos on high alert as tiger tests +ve

So far, we haven’t received any such reports,” Durairasu said adding, “We don’t know for sure how the virus behaves in animals.

07 Apr 2020

How polluted is our city? Sorry, monitors confused!

One could apply basic logic to assume that air pollution levels in metropolitan cities must have reduced, owing to the nationwide lockdown.

05 Apr 2020

Over 600 volunteers from Research Scholars of India offer to join fight against COVID-19

Based on their experience working in prestigious scientific  institutions across the country, the volunteers said they are willing to take part in research activities pertaining to the pandemic.

03 Apr 2020

IIT-M to operate 3 students’ hostels after backlash

“Yesterday, wardens have accused us for staying on campus and said it was our decision to stay back and so we have to follow administration’s decision.

27 Mar 2020

COVID-19 lockdown: IIT Madras spreads students across three hostels after backlash

This comes after The New Indian Express highlighted the plight of the students who were forced to relocate to Bhadra hostel.

26 Mar 2020

IIT-M students allege unclean living conditions at hostel

Even as the Prime Minister on Tuesday pleaded to maintain social distancing, the situation at IIT-Madras (IIT-M) has triggered panic among students.

26 Mar 2020