Sadhguru, Isha Foundation

Annadanam: Be a mother to the world

At an event like Mahashivratri, many people who come to be at the Isha Yoga Centre are unable to spend even `50. But they want to be here.

26 Jun 2022

Good intentions can also destroy the world

Whatever you do in the world is only a reflection of who you really are.

11 Jun 2022

Ishtadevata: Reality or Hallucination?

We created energy forms with which we can have a very profound relationship.

14 May 2022

Dealing with physical weak points

There are different levels of information or memory in this context. There is evolutionary memory, there is genetic memory and there is karmic memory.

16 Apr 2022

Is Evil Necessary?

The moment you are in pursuit of happiness, you do not know what you are doing to others.

02 Apr 2022

How to Walk Full Stride in Life

As there is science and technology to create external situations the way we want them, we have a whole science and technology to create inner situations the way we want them

19 Mar 2022

Creating Your Own Personal God

In the East, a whole science and technology of god-making evolved in such a way that we set up god-making factories

05 Mar 2022

Beyond nature’s limited dimension

If you have to transcend nature, you need something else. In yoga, in any spiritual process, so many practices and other processes have been created to slowly transcend our nature.

19 Feb 2022

Unlocking the Ultimate Machine

Hatha Yoga is about keeping the body in such a way that it is always there for you, doing what you want it to do, not something else. 

05 Feb 2022

Disengage from the Mind

You cannot handle each one of them separately. They are always together. It is just that you are being deceived by the imagination of your mind.

22 Jan 2022

Higher salary or a job you enjoy?

You must always assess yourself in terms of whatever you are being asked to do.

11 Dec 2021

Don’t plan your life away

You can plan about tomorrow but you cannot plan tomorrow

28 Nov 2021

The intelligence paradox

A lot of educated people who are very successful in their careers are a mess with their own lives.

13 Nov 2021

Chemistry of Peace

Everyone wants peace in their lives, but their agitated minds do not allow them any peace.

30 Oct 2021

Attend to the violence within

Look at yourself as an individual and see how many moments in a day you feel you simply cannot stand the person sitting next to you.

02 Oct 2021