Sadhguru, Isha Foundation

A good planet, a good life

Preserving and nurturing this planet is not different from aspiring for a good life for ourselves, because there is no good life without a good planet.

05 Jun 2021

A child needs no instruction manual

Socially, maybe they will give you an award for the miserable face that you carried and the things that you did in the world, but in life it does not mean anything.

22 May 2021

A culture of spirituality

In a way, it is really a shame that we have to go about reminding people about their spirituality.

09 May 2021

Body, the first gift

Detachment is a philosophy created by people who have completely misunderstood life.

24 Apr 2021

Involvement is the essence of life

Detachment is a philosophy created by people who have completely misunderstood life.

10 Apr 2021

The 112 ways of Shiva

Fundamentally, ‘kriya’ means ‘internal action’. When you do inner action, it does not involve the body and mind because both the body and mind are still external to you.

12 Mar 2021

Role of intensity and relaxation

Why is perception important? Only if your perception is enhanced, life is truly enhanced. Your ideas, opinions and beliefs are just your imagination.

27 Feb 2021

Suffering is your creation

Human suffering is always because of how you experience whatever may be happening or not happening.

30 Jan 2021

Don’t buy what the devil sells

There was anger, lust, greed, jealousy, passion for wealth, ego—he put up everything for sale, and people bought them all.

16 Jan 2021

A different kind of superpower

Our aspiration should be to become a sensible, gentle nation, which creates wellbeing for itself and as far as possible, wellbeing for everyone in the world.

02 Jan 2021

A relationship is all about offering yourself

If you want to make relationships beautiful, it’s important to turn inwards and looks at ourselves  deeply. 

28 Nov 2020

Let the world’s wonder guide you 

They don’t know which direction to go because wherever they look, it all appears to be deeper than it ever was.

13 Nov 2020

The robots are coming

If you want to do anything worthwhile in life, one important thing is that the body should be ready for life.

21 Apr 2018