To run for the hills or away from them?

Children’s author Nandita da Cunha talks of the themes, characters and introduction of the concept of voluntourism in her recent release My trip to La-La Land

10 May 2022

Small steps, big leaps

It began with cartwheels in her house and inspiration drawn from television programmes and performances of Simone Biles.

07 May 2022

Fate meets fortune on the field  

From independence and economic stability to unexpected fame, TN sportspersons and enthusiasts share their experiences of all that they owe to their time on grounds

04 May 2022

The meen  in the multi-cuisine sea

More masters of one than jacks of all trades, Aravind Suresh and  Richie Richard speak of their single product brand Meen Satti at their newly inaugurated dine-in Experience Store 

03 May 2022

A fashionable comeback

The gruelling summers of Chennai has us reaching out for all the lightweight fabrics in our closets; carefully sidestepping anything heavy or tight, no matter how fashionable.

30 Apr 2022

The case of a cryptic pregnancy

A girl, younger than 17 years of age, found herself in the hospital for severe abdominal pain.

27 Apr 2022

A rerouting repository of local geography 

Vijayakumar Solaiselvam speaks of his Twitter project, Tamil Nadu Geography, through which he shares lesser-known geographical facts about the state

25 Apr 2022

Gear up for Week of Kindness

In true spirit of the endeavour, these volunteers/voluntary organisations seek no money in return, she adds. 

24 Apr 2022

The unfair expense to entertain

It includes members from the acting courses and acts as an extension of the course, to practise and improve the skills learned. 

21 Apr 2022

The world of ‘women’tal health 

One may not have considered that mental health issues could be a gendered worry.

13 Apr 2022

The fault in our fitness formula 

With access and acceptance denied, people with disabilities unfold the ordeals at fitness centres and sports complexes while offering suggestions

12 Apr 2022

Trouble in the translation trail

lack of international awareness of what the Indian literary market offers and the inability of publishers to access these spaces and opportunities for international translation causes the trouble.

11 Apr 2022

A haven for high fashion

A maze of an all-encompassing show, from designer wear, jewellery and wedding fashion to home decor, furnishing concepts and avant garde art, awaits city dwellers at Hyatt Regency today.

07 Apr 2022

The case for summer care

Dr Vijaysree, the general physician and nephrologist from Prashanth Hospitals said that loss of water also contributes to low urine quantity that affects the kidneys, liver and urinary tract.

06 Apr 2022

The pursuit of peer support

One may always appreciate someone lending an ear to their problems, but there is always a degree of difference between those who try to understand your issues and those who have lived them.

02 Apr 2022