The feast of the fish

Owners of seafood-exclusive cloud kitchen and dine-in eatery, Meen Soru, talk about the history of their secret spices

29 Sep 2022

Tracing traditional kitchens together

A compilation of native cuisine and its speciality, Dakshin Kitchens brings together members of Friends of DakshinaChitra  

27 Sep 2022

To infinity and beyond

I love that and that’s what I wanted to do. I am also interested in AI and so I have expanded it,” shared Mika Johnson, creative director. 

22 Sep 2022

Dancing to the beat of your drummer

A fusion of classical dance and percussion, the show executed by Neha’s institute Kathak Darpan Trust is now set to entertain Chennaiites, after a halt due to Covid. 

21 Sep 2022

Philanthropy on the menu

With Battle of Buffet, a charity event by Chennai Mission Trust around the corner, NGOs in the city speak of their plans with the money raised and association with the event

20 Sep 2022

From the galleys of Guntur: 63-year-old Andhra native's home kitchen in Chennai

With her authentic pickles and podis — now finding a spot at Teru — Jayasree Desu presents a slice of Guntur in her spicy preparations

13 Sep 2022

A whirl with water

InKo Centre hosts the artwork of six artists in an exhibition called Waterless, Watermore, dedicated to the people who faced drought and floods with equanimity

01 Sep 2022

Kreeda Games launches signature campaign to preserve temple floors and protect traditional games

“Temple renovations are removing many things other than traditional games. People need to be sensitive to the fact that they are removing a part of history," says Chithra.

29 Aug 2022

 'Nool': Stores that support survivors of gender-based violence in Chennai

For us, it was really important that they (survivors) have a place to come and choose what they like, and it is not just about essential needs but also aspirational ones, says Swetha Shankar, PCVC.

29 Aug 2022

On the hot seat for an inheritance

INTACH’s upcoming quiz aims to ensure students preserve the rich heritage that connects us all as one nation, one world

27 Aug 2022

Making of Madras Meals

From the Parsis to Marwaris and Thanjavur Marathas, the culinary landscape of Madras sees its influence via many a community

27 Aug 2022

A life of learning through literature

A writer may not be politically aligned but there needs to be some clarity in what you want to write.

25 Aug 2022

Tales of complexities

The project began with an interesting meeting at Wild Garden Cafe, Amethyst, where all the authors were attending a party.

24 Aug 2022

A power-packed show with a promise & purpose

Arts have, for decades and centuries, proved their worth beyond entertainment.

24 Aug 2022

Hearty home meals: Chef Parul Bhatt's traditional delicacies is a true delight

Hyatt Regency is bringing popular home foods from different regions in their ‘Ghar ka Khaana’ special

22 Aug 2022