Tuning into a free India

It was the power of the words of poets like Madurai Bhaskerdass, Subramania Bharathiyar, Namakkal Kavignar and many others that boosted the freedom movement in Tamil Nadu

17 Aug 2022

Journey through Jeju

Seven artists from Jeju Island in South Korea display their works inspired by the land at InKo Centre’s gallery 

11 Aug 2022

A Crantastic Breakfast Affair 

Social in association with US Cranberries introduces a limitededition menu that brings the foreign fruit to Chennaiites’ palate by infusing it in our beloved breakfast items

09 Aug 2022

Keeping up with the questions

Participation for the event is open (and encouraged, Navin reminds) for all.

09 Aug 2022

Driving up midnight meals

Meat lovers’ delight, Junior Kuppanna is bringing back the nostalgia of drive-in restaurants with its new branch under the Kathipara flyover that serves fan favourites and more

06 Aug 2022

Eat street, off the street: Inside Chennai's 'Teru', an eatery serving street food

With his eatery Teru, Anirudh Rao brings the best street food of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh/Telangana to the fore.

05 Aug 2022

Moves that build a movement 

On Saturday, several cars and buses travelled to Mahabalipuram, carrying thousands to a cavernous venue for the 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad 2022.

03 Aug 2022

Cultural confluence on a chessboard  

Two Bharatanatyam dancers from Pudukkottai bring alive the pieces on a chessboard using Tamil traditional art

02 Aug 2022

Checking on chequered textile history

Monochromatic checks on the orange kanjeevaram may have seemed to be specially designed for the occasion, but the owner of the brand reminds us that these checks are hardly a novelty to Madras.

01 Aug 2022

A new reign in Rotary

The first female president of Rotary International, Jennifer E Jones, talks about her plans for the term 2022-23

28 Jul 2022

Safe travels with aunt flo

Avid female travellers speak of their choice to use sustainable menstruation products and how one can travel with them hygienically.

27 Jul 2022

An ode to Aadi and Ayyanar

The time of the year is here when grey clouds bless us in blistering afternoons, the clap of thunder overtakes the city noise and the rivers swell as rains welcome the Aadi season.

26 Jul 2022

The Banyan hosts art exhibition, displays paintings by Boston-based artist Preetha Mahadevan

Finding Preetha’s work to fit this description, the organisation reached out to her and she became the first artist whose work would be showcased by The Banyan for the Art Brut movement.

25 Jul 2022

Madras Couture Fashion Week 2022: Off the runway, down the aisle

The recently trademarked event presented by Satish Jupiter had returned after a two-year hiatus, thanks to the pandemic.

23 Jul 2022

Panel at Chennai's 'The Little Festival' calls for treating trauma through art

Urging people to take up some form of art to rejuvenate themselves, several panelists of the healthcare and education industries speak of ‘The Importance of Arts Post Covid’ at The Little Festival

12 Jul 2022