The gains of groundnut oil

The household oil can be of various types, depending on the technique of extraction and processing.

15 Sep 2021

Bringing Back the Blues

Despite the access to technology, devices and software, there is something about creating things in-person that never loses its charm.

11 Sep 2021

In danger of diabetes

After loss of smell and taste, fatigue, shortness of breath and cognitive dysfunction, diabetes presents as an escalating post-Covid complication in India

08 Sep 2021

Liver diseases are preventable: Doctor

The top three causes of liver disease in India are alcohol, fatty liver disease, and viral hepatitis — but, all three are preventable.

01 Sep 2021

The joys of jowar

Twenty years ago, jowar was a fairly common ingredient in South Indian kitchens, especially in September and October months, when it was used to make kanji and chollam.

01 Sep 2021

From tragedy to triumph, a tale of mental health

The panellists lent their voices to the story in a reading of the arduous yet inspiring journey of the two sisters that begins at Kovandakurichi village in Tamil Nadu.

30 Aug 2021

Queerious in Madras

DakshinaChitra Foundation ends its Madras Day series with author A Mangai’s engaging talk on the city’s queer history

30 Aug 2021

For the sake of sports

Swimming prodigy Kutraleeswaran Ramesh was merely seven years old when he dazzled his summer camp coach with his talents.

26 Aug 2021

An ode to ornithologists of yore

Madras Naturalists’ Society recalls the rich contributions of early pioneers in the field of nature studies who helped bring a whole wealth of information on the city’s natural scapes

24 Aug 2021

A farewell on four legs

The two members were retiring after having ensured a sabotage-free environment at the Chennai airport for a decade. On the same day, Vetri, Bruno and Tejas were inducted into the squad. 

23 Aug 2021

USA on the streets of Chennai

In his talk, America in Chennai — Sites, Streets and Structures, archaeology consultant S Suresh presents the American connect to namma Madras

21 Aug 2021

Auction in action for rare books

While the Internet is a treasure trove of information, nothing captures India’s history of art and culture as well as the magazines and books of the time.

19 Aug 2021

'Topi Rockets from Thumba' book review: The countdown to curiosity

Real events recounted under a fictional lens, we learn about the country's first sounding rocket through the experiences of our inquisitive protagonist.

16 Aug 2021

Madras in memories serve a different image to city

Being the political and cultural hub, Chennai is the epicentre of development and transformation in Tamil Nadu.

16 Aug 2021

Planning for procrastinators

The Chaos Story by Meghna Parikh and Harshitha Suresh presents the Lazy collection for all those who feel overwhelmed by list-making, planning and staying organised

12 Aug 2021