Saima Afreen

Paint Your Plate Red

The colour red in these eatables contains antioxidants which fights different diseases and helps boost the immunity system.

08 Apr 2021

The Ertugrul fever continues in Hyderabad

The historical Turkish series Ertugrul has enchanted the city folks with its storyline and cast so much so that there’s a restaurant in the city by the same name.

07 Apr 2021

A Slice of Afghanistan

That’s how the traders and travellers exchanged their cuisines and condiments which make certain dishes in different countries similar.

06 Apr 2021

Up close and Intimate

Hyderabadi theatre artiste Anushka Ghose brings one-to-one immersive theatre to the city audience. The performance is presented by Thespo, a youth theatre platform.

03 Apr 2021

A poor man’s fridge

‘April is the cruellest month’ not just in Eliotesque way but also because the temperatures are soaring in Hyderabad and elsewhere making one long for glasses of cold water.

01 Apr 2021

‘I don’t take myself seriously’

The audience burst into laughter when he got down from the dais to pour a glass of water to a lady in the audience, who was yawning.  “I don’t take myself seriously.

31 Mar 2021

What’s unfolding behind curtains 

On World Theatre Day (March 27), the theatre artistes and directors in Hyderabad share what changes have pushed them downhill during the pandemic and what measures they are going to take now

27 Mar 2021

Chhoti si asha to live

Each year the Swiss pharmaceutical company organises this activity to give the free drug to at least 100 children across the world.

25 Mar 2021

Quench that thirst

We are about to step in April and experience unbearable heat that can cause dehydration in the system or drying of the throat.

24 Mar 2021

Punjabi tadka aha!

The best part is that you can fold your feet comfortably on the soft gadda as your relish the morsels.

23 Mar 2021

The sun still shines

Celebrated Hyderabadi artist the late Surya Prakash’s birth anniversary to be celebrated at the art gallery dedicated to his works

23 Mar 2021

It’s not so bad, after all

An industry that contributes 7.7% of the country’s GDP, it becomes the most agile and fastest-growing industry in the country.

20 Mar 2021

Taste Trails from Afghanistan to India

Afghan-American novelist Khaled Hosseini gives prolific descriptions of Afghani food in his novel ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ (2007) which is set in a conflict-torn Afghanistan.

20 Mar 2021

Art at your table

The lamps have intricate artworks at the front panel which is made of tussar silk or handmade paper.

16 Mar 2021

The two-minute magic continues

Feeling hungry at midnight when you live in the hostel makes you search for something quick, hot and filling.

13 Mar 2021

Decoding Syllables of Music

Artiste sibling duo, Bindu  Subramaniam and Ambi Subramaniam talk about life skills music teaches

10 Mar 2021

The silent question of breast cancer among transgender persons

There are many stigmas that transgender people face which hinders them from getting proper health care.

09 Mar 2021

Late nights or rainy days, this Hyderabad SHE cab is ready to ferry passengers come what may

Meet this She Cab driver, who’s posted at the airport and ferries female passengers to their destinations be it rain or late evening.

07 Mar 2021

Serigraphs from the master-artist MF Husain

Several artworks of the legendary artist MF Husain are at Kalakriti Art Gallery and can be viewed after an appointment is scheduled

04 Mar 2021

Short supply of exotic Ingredients

The pandemic has affected the food sourcing units of the restaurants in Hyderabad. We find out how they are coping up with it

02 Mar 2021

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