Sajimon PS

Forest department to market organic turmeric from tribal hamlets of Kerala's Pathanamthitta

In a bid to save tribals from exploitation by the middlemen and provide them with the deserving price for their hard work, the forest department has come forward to market their turmeric.

09 May 2022

Kerala's forest fringes find digital market

A block panchayat member’s initiative to connect farmers and tribal people with buyers is fetching them good prices, reports SAJIMON P S

08 May 2022

Sacred Heart College set to clinch MGU youth fest title

Thevara college leading with 65 points. Students bag first places in group song (Indian), aksharaslokam, kavyakeli, skit

05 Apr 2022

MG University Youth Festival: Art extravaganza after lockdown brings smile back on gurus' faces

It has brought back hope and confidence in the dance mentors, who had been facing hardships and financial constraints after the pandemic outbreak.

04 Apr 2022

Transgender student's Bharatanatyam keeps audience spellbound at Kerala college event

When  Thanvi Suresh  stepped on to the stage, she scripted a new chapter  in the history of Mahatma Gandhi University Youth Festival.

03 Apr 2022

Jesna Mariya James’ father believes she will come back

James Joseph, father of Jesna who disappeared this day four years ago, is still hopeful and strongly believes that his daughter will come back one day.

23 Mar 2022

Grateful to pandemic, Alappuzha driver names vehicle ‘Covid-19’

Covid now figures in the list of most disliked words. But for Shyam S, the words hold importance; so much that he even named his autorickshaw ‘Covid-19.’ 

08 Mar 2022

Kerala teachers impart lessons to tribal students by visiting their 'ooru'

 It is the five teachers of Government Tribal LP School, Attathodu in Perunad grama panchayat in  Ranni, who undertake the arduous journey to the tribal hamlets.  

06 Feb 2022

Kathakali village of Ayroor gets ready to showcase its rich heritage

Grama panchayat president Anitha Kurup said they have identified the land for a Kathakali museum near Cherukolpuzha and the panchayat passed a resolution last month for setting up the museum.

06 Feb 2022

Forest department enlists tribal residents to prevent forest fire

Forest department officials in Pathanamthitta have pulled up their socks to prevent incidents of forest fire, which normally begins in January.

24 Jan 2022

Competence, not age, makes modern-day mooppans

In A tribal hamlet of Kerala usually referred to as ooru, a mooppan (meaning eldest), is the senior-most member who acts as the chieftain.

06 Jan 2022

As brides pull out of marriage fearing leopard, men at this Kerala village stay single

The big cats trespass on their village quite often that the parents from elsewhere are reluctant to marry off their daughters to men of Angamoozhy

31 Dec 2021

19-year-old girl of Niranam family shot dead in US

The grandparents of Mariam Susan Mathew, alias Ammu, of Idapally Parambil House at Niranam North in Tiruvalla are still  not able to believe that their granddaughter has died.

01 Dec 2021

Keralite, who promised to visit kin in December, shot dead in US

Members of the Charuvel family were looking forward to the arrival of Sajan Mathew (Saji) from the United States.

19 Nov 2021

Heavy rain? These tribal families in Kerala not too worried

Whenever dark clouds gather in the sky in Pathanamthitta, the heartbeats of people residing even inside strong and concrete double-storey houses increase with fear of calamities.

21 Oct 2021