'Nna Thaan Case Kodu' review: Smartly written humour elevates this courtroom drama

Compared to Ratheesh’s last two films, NTCK feels more big-scale given the number of actors and exterior locations involved.

12 Aug 2022

'Ariyippu' review: Mahesh Narayanan examines a volatile situation in his finest 

Ariyippu, the director’s latest, gives us a side of Kunchacko Boban we haven’t seen before 

11 Aug 2022

Form and content should move in perfect harmony: Aavasavyuham director Krishand

Some filmmakers tell you that their films reflect their personalities. Krishand, writer-director of the latest SonyLiv release, Aavasavyuham, doesn’t need to do that.

10 Aug 2022

REVIEW | Sabaash Chandra Bose: Satisfying heist comedy with a difference

V C Abhilash’s new feature has the ever-reliable Johny Antony bringing on the laughs

09 Aug 2022

'Sayanna Varthakal' movie review: Reasonably engaging whistleblower drama

Gokul Suresh is convincing as a corrupt official trying to mend his ways

06 Aug 2022

Aavasavyuham: Hilarious mockumentary that cleverly blends various genres

Filmmaker Krishand’s offbeat feature Aavasavyuham has every ingredient that holds a universal appeal

05 Aug 2022

'I see 19(1)(a) as a coming-of-age story', says writer-director Indhu V S

And it’s evident from an enriching conversation with Indhu VS, a self-described introvert, that she is not one to toot her own horn.

03 Aug 2022

19(1)(a) movie review: Surprisingly contemplative and subdued political drama

Much of 19(1)(a) benefits from a strong sense of minimalism in visuals, sounds, or dialogues

02 Aug 2022

‘The new version of Mahaveeryar has minor alterations’

Writer-director Abrid Shine on making a few changes to his new film which has confused many

02 Aug 2022

Review | Paappan: Few neat touches in largely exhausting film

At a time when we have seen superior investigative thrillers from all over the world, Paappan feels quite outdated

30 Jul 2022

Films don’t always have to be seen via political prism: Abrid Shine

Writer-director Abrid Shine on making Mahaveeryar, enhancing M Mukundan’s original story with fantasy and time-travel elements, and why some things are left to the audience’s interpretation

29 Jul 2022

‘Most people want movies to behave like a circus now’: Filmmaker Mahesh Narayanan

In a candid conversation, filmmaker Mahesh Narayanan opens up about writing and shooting for Malayankunju, and releasing it at a time when the choices of audiences and OTT platforms have changed.

28 Jul 2022

KGF composer Ravi Basrur joins Prithviraj-starrer 'Kaaliyan'

Director S Mahesh on working with him and  moving ahead with shoot plans this year

26 Jul 2022

‘Thinkalazhcha Nishchayam’ to get a sequel

Senna reveals that the sequel was in the plans for a long time. “The idea was to pursue it after seeing the reception to Thinkalazhcha Nishchayam,” says Hegde.

26 Jul 2022

Malayankunju: Fahadh delivers a stupendous turn in this coming-of-age drama

The actor’s performance is replete with nuances that take a while to register

23 Jul 2022