Sajin Shrijith

'Losing My Marbles' movie review: A therapeutic film about anxiety and self-acceptance

There is a new Portuguese film out on Amazon Prime Video, which I decided to check out for a simple reason.

08 May 2021

'Thi.Mi.Ram' movie review: An unsettling portrait of a chauvinist

Though Sudhakaran is at the centre of everything in Thi.Mi.Ram, it’s also about the conflicts encountered by his son Ram.

07 May 2021

8 1/2 Intercuts documentary review: A fitting, unbiased tribute to a maverick filmmaker

When the film gets discussed again, this time by an emotionally overwhelmed George, it becomes the documentary’s most moving moment.

29 Apr 2021

Tovino Thomas to star in 'Varavu'

Varavu will have Vadakara, Koyilandi and its neighbouring areas as the shooting locations.

27 Apr 2021

'Across the Ocean' review: A breezy drama about self-love and independence

Across the Ocean has two characters with lofty aspirations in two different continents.

23 Apr 2021

Chathurmukham directors Ranjeet Kamala Sankar, Salil V talk about their journey

Chathurmukham directors Ranjeet Kamala Sankar and Salil V talk about their journey, making a unique horror thriller with practical effects and CGI, and on-set improvisations

22 Apr 2021

'Wolf' review: Engaging psychological drama with shaky third act

Every minute he spends at her home makes us more uncomfortable. 

20 Apr 2021

Kho Kho Movie Review: A predictable but empowering sports drama

Kho Kho is at its best when its focus remains on its characters’ personal battles

16 Apr 2021

Audience appreciation matters more than awards: Manju Warrier

Manju Warrier on the nationwide recognition for Marakkar, Asuran, foray into the horror genre with The Priest and Chathurmukham, and more

14 Apr 2021

‘Wolf  is a single location thriller’

Filmmaker Shaji Azeez’s Wolf will be hitting Zee5 directly as an OTT release on April 18.

13 Apr 2021

Aparna Balamurali to lead Praveen Prabharam’s Ula

After Soorarai Pottru, Aparna Balamurali is returning to Malayalam for director Praveen Prabharam’s second feature, titled Ula. 

13 Apr 2021

The queen holds the reign: Parvathy Thiruvothu’s 15-year career is crash course in good cinema

Following her first few Malayalam films, the actor took a hiatus to focus on Tamil and Kannada cinema before returning for a standout role as a Tamil migrant in Lijo Jose Pellissery’s City of God.

10 Apr 2021

'Nayattu' movie review: A powerful, blood-boiling thriller

After Midhun Manuel Thomas, Nayattu finds another filmmaker moving away from light-hearted entertainers to something more grounded, cynical and brutal.

10 Apr 2021

'Chathurmukham' movie review: Fresh ideas power this impressive horror-thriller

Chathurmukham, starring Manju Warrier, scores well because of the novelty of its ideas, anchored by cautious and skilful execution

09 Apr 2021

Joji Movie Review: A chilling, Coen-esque crime drama

Director Dileesh Pothan and screenwriter Syam Pushkaran deliver one more winner.

08 Apr 2021