‘Djibouti was designed for big screens’

Djibouti director SJ Sinu tells us that the film, based on actual events, is intended for family audiences.

31 Aug 2021

Rojin Thomas: My father inspired Indrans’ character 

The writer-filmmaker on developing #Home, his love for fantasy and animation films, and his upcoming big-budget project Kathanar

27 Aug 2021

When adversity breeds ingenuity: Actor-producer Vijay Babu on conceiving 'Home', future projects

Despite the opposition from certain corners, Vijay Babu became the first mainstream creator to have a film released directly on Amazon Prime Video.

25 Aug 2021

Being bold and mindful: Supriya Menon on her three-year journey as a producer, 'Kuruthi' and more

The journalist-turned-producer gets candid with TNIE about making the film, her three-year journey as a producer, criticisms against Kuruthi, and what Prithviraj Productions has in store for us.

24 Aug 2021

Home: Eminently comforting film with relatable characters

Indrans’ poignant performance powers this tale of self-acceptance.

20 Aug 2021

V K Prakash, Joy Mathew join political thriller

Titled La Tomatina, the film, helmed by Sajeevan Anthikkad, is based on T Arunkumar’s story

17 Aug 2021

'Kuruthi' movie review: Pertinent thriller in the garb of a Western

Kuruthi is a home invasion thriller in the same vein as Kala and Varathan.

13 Aug 2021

Vith: Odd and fascinating at once

Don Palathara’s second film is another welcome exercise in out-of-the-box filmmaking

10 Aug 2021

A Stitch in Time

Actor Basil Paulose on reinventing himself with director Prem Shankar’s Randu Per and collaborating with filmmaker Nithin Lukose on the TIFF selection, Paka: The River of Blood

06 Aug 2021

Screen wizards

It’s safe to say the work of Lavan and Kusan—of Digital Turbo Media—belong to this kind. Anyone who has seen the making videos of their recent work would agree.

03 Aug 2021

'The Great Indian Kitchen' review: Nimisha and Suraj power this stark portrait of reality

I hope everyone — married or not — sees this film, and I hope the women who have been in similar situations find it therapeutic

16 Jan 2021

'Sathyam Paranjha Vishwasikkuvo' review: A funny, original, endearing film

In a time when Malayalam cinema is struggling to produce comedies that don't come loaded with stale humour or forced feel-good moments, and this movie is a rarity that comes along like fresh air.

16 Jul 2019

From the two Kunjali Marakkar films to Kaaliyan: 2019 might be the year of historical epics in Malayalam cinema

Big-budget historical epics are few and far between in Malayalam cinema.

01 Jan 2019

'Padayottam' movie review: A fun gangster film devoid of dark moments

Here Biju Menon possesses a sort of comic timing that, upon reflection, would seem impossible for any other actor to accomplish.

15 Sep 2018

To make someone laugh is a big deal: Saiju Kurup

Saiju Kurupp has recently managed to create a strong impression with his roles in films such as Vedivazhipaadu, Trivandrum Lodge, and the two Aadu films.

14 Sep 2018