Classier instalment with insipid third act

Mammootty delivers a stellar act as usual, but CBI 5 becomes plagued by storytelling deficiencies after a certain point

04 May 2022

A good-bad parenting tale that’s too simplistic

Sathyan Anthikad’s latest family drama is let down by an uninspiring ending

30 Apr 2022

'Jana Gana Mana' review: Prithviraj-starrer is an epic, high-impact political thriller

Jana Gana Mana, which already feels like three or four movies rolled into one, promises more surprises and high-intensity drama in a sequel.

29 Apr 2022

Balu Varghese, Guru Somasundaram lead Charles Enterprises

Debutant Subhash Lalitha Subrahamanian wrote and directed the film, which also has Tamil actor Kalaiyarasan in a significant role

27 Apr 2022

‘Making Antakshari was a constant battle against myself’

Vipin Das on making a drastic genre shift with his second feature, working with a subject that scares him, and the tactics he employed to get the best out of his actors

26 Apr 2022

Movie Review| Antakshari's Ingeniously constructed game of suspense

Saiju Kurup is an upright, Antakshari-loving cop in Vipin Das’ murder mystery.

23 Apr 2022

'Keedam' addresses privacy violation: Rahul Riji Nair

The National award-winning filmmaker on his second collaboration with Rajisha Vijayan, which is expected to hit theatres in May

21 Apr 2022

Feature film Appan, navigates territories; the sins of  the father

Filmmaker-writer Maju on depicting a dysfunctional family haunted by the actions of its patriarch in his second feature, Appan, led by Sunny Wayne and Alencier Ley 

20 Apr 2022

'All The Old Knives' Review: Chris Pine, Thandiwe Newton elevate a talky espionage drama

Though clandestine dealings are its prime focus, All the Old Knives stays away from using that as an excuse to employ tried-and-tested action movie tropes

14 Apr 2022

Unriddling Salute

In this spoiler-filled discussion, Sanjay, the co-writer of the Dulquer Salmaan-starrer, explains some of the film’s narrative choices that baffled a section of viewers

12 Apr 2022

Movie Review| Aviyal is Moderately and spasmodically engaging

Although Aviyal exhibits some interesting flourishes in its narrative, it is let down by some familiar and predictable outcomes

08 Apr 2022

Boomerang: Shine Tom Chacko-Samyuktha Menon headline thriller  

Speaking to us, Krishnadas shared that Boomerang swirls around events in an apartment.

06 Apr 2022

Jana Gana Mana was conceived as a two-parter: Prithviraj

“As a producer, I’m proud to have backed a film of this magnitude, but more than that, I’m happy to have acted in it.”

01 Apr 2022

‘Aviyal is not a typical coming-of-age drama’

Screenwriter Shanil Muhammed on his independent directorial debut about the transitioning phases of a young musician

30 Mar 2022

Twenty One Grams Review: Crafting suspense

Filmmaker Bibin Krishna on misleading audiences with the familiar and surprising with the unfamiliar in Twenty One Gms

29 Mar 2022