Sakshi Shree

Five things that keep you unhappy

On the surface, we all look happy. With rising prosperity, most people have basic facilities like food, clothing, and a roof overhead.

11 Jun 2022

Festivals of Introspection

Our sages have made so many fasts and festivals so that humans can learn to rest a little.

09 Apr 2022

When Science and Spirituality Merge

Science is a collective activity where people work together to build up a body of common knowledge over time.

25 Feb 2022

The Bane of Modern Technology

Smartphones and social media sites prevent them from experiencing solitude and as a result, they feel lonely and lost without their smartphones.

08 Jan 2022

The science of manifestation

There is the world of desires and then there is the world of reality, and many people live their lives believing that there is no way to go from one world to the other. Well, they are wrong.

20 Nov 2021