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Dancing in the Rain

This monsoon, a group plans to claim public spaces like parks, temples and markets with dance performances in the rain.

27 Jul 2014

In the mountains, the quiet calls

The shimmering silhouettes of Deodar trees remain etched in your mind after wandering through the incredible hill stations of Himachal Pradesh.

21 Nov 2013

Lifting the veil

speaks to Pakistani film maker Sonya Fatah on the issue of restriction on classical dance forms in their country

16 Nov 2013

Love art, but can't afford? Try renting

In a city where every other nook and cranny is an art gallery of sorts and almost everyone has an opinion about which stroke went awry and which colour doesn\'t go with the theme, the idea of accessibility, flexibility and affordability of renting and showcasing original art has found many takers. 

12 Nov 2013

Staying hot when it's cool

As winter kicks in, most of us are left wondering on how to look our best despite the layers of warm clothing. An easy way is to rush to a mall and stack up your wardrobe with expensive buys. But, if you don’t want to splurge, the other option is to mix and match. Who said you can\'t pick up a few pieces from your spring collection and throw them on to make a statement?Pick from these three looks that’ll work right for this season

11 Nov 2013

There's sweet hope for the diabetic

Disha, a project started by Dr SS Srikanta in 1987 has been the source of ‘oxygen’ to many underprivileged children suffering from type 1 diabetes.  

06 Nov 2013

Bangalore getaways: So close and yet so refreshing

The city is blessed with plenty of options for a weekend holiday. If a trek is what you enjoy, here are some to consider

24 Oct 2013

Grow your own vegetables now

Urban Agriculture is slowly becoming the ‘in’ thing among people of the metropolises. 

23 Oct 2013

Chandigarh, the 'city beautiful' beckons

The hill stations of Himachal Pradesh have always been crowd pullers.

10 Oct 2013

The forgotten past of Richards Park

Resting in a corner of Richards Park are six stone carved benches that are more than 100 years old and totally forgotten and neglected.

08 Oct 2013

For those sleepless nights

Padma trudged up the stairs to the first-floor bathroom where the machine stood. It was spinning. Her mouth went dry.

08 Oct 2013

Colours of a spiritual mind

Mumbai-based artist Avantika Mathur describes her art as a language. She says her art is not merely a visual delight but a dialogue between the artwork and the viewer.

03 Oct 2013

It is time for a truce on the road

A few auto drivers have taken the onus of spreading the message of peace across the city

02 Oct 2013

Of storybooks and real heroes

Underprivileged children turn heroes in an initiative by a teenager, says Saloni Mital

28 Sep 2013

One book and a coffee, please

This cafe by Ulsoor Lake doesn’t just make for a great place to finish your book, it also promotes authors and poets through the weekly events it hosts, finds Saloni Mital

28 Sep 2013

The drive of a lifetime

For Arjuna Awardee Deepa Malik, the pit-stop in Bangalore on Monday is just the beginning.

24 Sep 2013

When dreams come true

All of 19, Bangalore model Elixir Nahar has already made a mark in the fashion world.

16 Sep 2013

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