Samhati Mohapatra

'Padma Shri Makes Me More Responsible'

I Am Kalam fame filmmaker Nila Madhab Panda tells what drives him towards making socially relevant films.

04 Apr 2016

The Connecting Link to Your Closest Kabadiwala

Siddharth Hande tells Samhati Mohapatra how a visit to the scrap dealer can make a difference to the environment

26 Mar 2016

Want to Drink Pure Milk? Just Dip a Strip in It!

A small strip of paper is all you need to test the purity of milk thanks to an IITian, finds Samhati Mohapatra

26 Mar 2016

'I Never Show My Books to My Husband After I Finish Them!'

Apart from engaging in philanthropy, Sudha Murty also manages to write bestselling books catering to people of all ages.

22 Mar 2016

Herbal Hues and Holi Blues!

The vibrant video Hori Hori is trying to instigate a Herbal Holi, finds Samhati Mohapatra

18 Mar 2016

This App Will Find You an Empty Berth

Ticket Jugaad will drive your travelling woes away, finds Samhati Mohapatra

18 Mar 2016

Try, Try Till You Succeed is This Junior Idol's Mantra

Failures, if taken in the right spirit, could prove to be gateways to success.

06 Mar 2016

Heralding Hope Beyond the Dark Stain of HIV

Social activist Pravasini Pradhan is a beacon of hope, lending a hand of assurance to people living with HIV, finds Samhati Mohapatra.

06 Mar 2016

'We Live in a Series and Best-Seller Driven Market'

Author of children’s literature Payal Kapadia tells Samhati Mohapatra what switched on the author in her and why kids love humour the most

29 Feb 2016

Save Money the Slonkit Way

The app has a user base of 30,000 and can be used to make payments, recharge phones and go dutch with friends.

29 Feb 2016

'Learn the Kind of Music You Can Live Off'

One lesson taught by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan father left an indelible impression on him and in a way defined his whole approach towards music.

22 Feb 2016

A Fast Solution to Student Needs

The major hurdle for Geetanjali and her team was to put together a catalogue that caters to the varied needs of different institutions.

22 Feb 2016

Meghalaya's Favourite Mountain Guide

Ricky Venchelton Kharluni can trek with you for six hours straight and still be teeming with energy the next morning.

22 Feb 2016

'Most Terrorists Go to Secular Schools'

Can you be a secular citizen after studying in a convent or a madarassa? Depends on whom you ask.

18 Feb 2016

How Secular are Religious Institutions?

A great chunk of young men who join terrorist organisations like ISIS are educated in elite and secular institutes.

14 Feb 2016

'Secular Institutions Don't Churn out Secular Students'

Can you be a secular citizen after studying in a convent or a madarassa? Depends on whom you ask.

11 Feb 2016

Counsel App to the Rescue

This app helps people find a shoulder to cry on virtually, finds Samhati Mohapatra

28 Jan 2016

Samanta is the New Prez of ISCA

The founder of Odisha-based KIIT and KISS is the second Odia to be honoured with the post after 55 years

28 Jan 2016

GATE-way to Cracking GATE Easily

A Bangalore-based institute is helping GATE aspirants hone the right skills, finds Samhati Mohapatra

28 Jan 2016

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