Sanath Prasad 

Play along

Sometimes it takes dramatic steps to project dramatic stories.

23 Apr 2022

Bengaluru civil head constable swings away major golf stereotype

While he may be a common sight at golf clubs, civil head constable Suresh Kumar has had to face many challenges to make his dream of playing the sport come true.

19 Jan 2022

With third Covid wave knocking doors, what next for students? 

The third wave has amplified ambiguity for students who are in a state of limbo with regard to their course of action

11 Jan 2022

Documenting History

Meet the Bengaluru-based podcast creators who have made it big at the Asia Podcast Festival 2021

05 Jan 2022

Deepavali diaries

Tourist spots, including Sakleshpur, Wayanad, Sri Lanka and Dubai, are brimming with Bengalureans, who are heading out this holiday season

03 Nov 2021

Crime Stories: India Detectives -- A thrilling chase

As social media is abuzz with the release of Netflix series featuring namma ooru cops, CE speaks to officers part of the filming process 

23 Sep 2021

From scrubs to shorts

If he’s not performing a surgery, he’s training outdoors for triathlons. Meet Dr Srikanth V who is always on the go

21 Sep 2021

Tech talk

To aid students who lack access to quality education, the family of late doyen Dr Rajkumar has introduced a learning app

26 Aug 2021