Sanath Prasad

‘Butting in’ for a good cause

Datta is quick to ‘butt in’ that the community is neither anti-smokers nor a solution for recycling cigarette butts, but an effort to fight climate change.

25 Apr 2022

Let’s talk folk

With his new docu-series called PaDa Project, music composer Vasu Dixit celebrates folk music

21 Apr 2022

Giving the dope

Author and social activist Pranay Patil’s new book addresses the problem of drug overdose and its impact on youngsters

20 Apr 2022

This Kolkata-based environment conservationist is 'butting in' for a good cause

Wildlife and environment conservationist Nirit Datta, who is fighting cigarette butt pollution, speaks to CE about his pan-India campaign

19 Apr 2022

Dual identities

Lawyer & DJ, trekker & tracker, banker & are some city-based individuals who switch roles by day and dusk 

18 Apr 2022

Tale of two cities

A great talent pool but poor infrastructure...entrepreneurs in namma ooru react to a tweet that has led to a face-off between the Bengaluru IT capital and Hyderabad startup scene 

14 Apr 2022

Steering ahead

FICCI FLO B’luru chapter’s new chairperson Jayshree Menon speaks about her plan of action as she takes charge for the year.

13 Apr 2022

Course of action 

Bengaluru runners are lacing up for the much-anticipated Boston Marathon on April 18, ahead of which they run CE through their training and preparations

13 Apr 2022

Strokes of change

Bengaluru-based artist Rachana Mahadimane works on watercolour paintings centred around heritage structures to raise awareness on preservation.

11 Apr 2022

Hopeless and helpless: Lankans in Bengaluru narrate their ordeal

With the raging economic turmoil in the island nation, Sri Lankans in B’luru share the plight of their families back home

07 Apr 2022

10th Goa Swimathon: Riding a victory wave

B’lureans participated in large numbers at the 10th Goa Swimathon which concluded recently 

06 Apr 2022

Speed test

After 10-minute grocery &food delivery, here’s a city startup that is experimenting with a 10-minute internship hiring concept

05 Apr 2022

Success delivered: New FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam's father narrates son's journey

Subramaniam recalls how a candidate from Chennai had backed out from the job opening at FedEx, giving Raj - who had just completed his MBA in the US and returned to India.

04 Apr 2022

Drawing on 

New to Bengaluru? This guide might help you explore namma ooru’s iconic food, tourism and cultural landmarks 

04 Apr 2022

Racquets down and its academics for Ajay Jayaram

Bengaluru-based shuttler Ajay Jayaram speaks to CE about his decision to retire from badminton, his academic calling, and what lies ahead 

28 Mar 2022