Medicine man: Bengaluru doctor with a mobile clinic treats Covid patients in their homes

Dr Sunil Kumar Hebbi runs a mobile clinic by day and serves at a Covid Care Centre by night

31 May 2021

Beauty and the Covid beast: Bengaluru salons seek government's help to tide through pandemic

Hit by the second lockdown in as many years, Bengaluru’s beauty industry has gone online to stay afloat and is now seeking government assistance

31 May 2021

From darkness unto light

On May 28, during an online event hosted by Sapio Analytics, Behl took participants on a virtual tour of six paintings that he has digitally restored.

31 May 2021

Riding the Korean wave 

Bengaluru is in the grip of K-fever and fans swear by South Korean music, TV shows, movies and even dance

29 May 2021

Not just for laughs

Bengaluru City Police has upped their game, and are using TV show characters to get people to follow Covid-19 protocol

25 May 2021

Ageing with hope

The event is part of Vayomanasa Sanjeevani programme launched on World Mental Health Day in  2020 by the Geriatric Clinic and Services at Nimhans.

24 May 2021

On the Feet

City-based choreographer Madhu Nataraj feels art is a transformative tool that can help us out of these trying times

23 May 2021

Game on

A game of Snakes and Ladders that addresses the importance of following Covid-appropriate behaviour

19 May 2021

All ears 

Several podcast channels have cropped  up of late, exploring everything from Bengaluru to Bharat and business

11 May 2021

Restoring raja ravi varma’s glory

A short documentary takes you through the journey of restoring century-old paintings to their original glory

11 May 2021

Seturam Gopalrao Neginhal: The man who planted Bengaluru’s trees

A tribute to SG Neginhal, who recently died of COVID-19, and to whom the Garden City owes a green

05 May 2021

A poetic awakening

The saying ‘pen is mightier than the sword’ suits Veruschka Pandey, the tween daughter of IAS officer Pankaj Kumar Pandey who published her first anthology

04 May 2021

On a different track 

Raghu Dixit has turned his studio into a war room and along with fans and other volunteers is helping
people with Covid needs

04 May 2021

No laughing matter

Stand-up comics are finding it hard to do what they do best: making people laugh

03 May 2021

A class act 

Every crisis is an opportunity. And the COVID-19 pandemic is no different.

29 Apr 2021