Sandip Ghose

Mulligatawny soup, meatball curry and more: The hybrid culinary inventions of Anglo-Indians

Much of what passes as classic Anglo-Indian food revolves around festivals and celebrations like Christmas, New Year, weddings and baptisms

07 May 2023

Chinese invasion: Is it just a matter of time before dim sum wave sweeps India?

The popularity of dim sum is clearly spreading across the country. Apart from hotels and private parties, one finds dim sum stalls popping up at clubs, fairs and festivals.

29 Apr 2023

Goan food lore: From the fiery red masala in fish dishes to the art of drinking feni

Goa has been the entry route of many spices, vegetables and fruit, if you consider tomatoes to be one, to India

22 Apr 2023

The secret of Pahadi food? Salt and other hyperlocal ingredients that give it a unique flavour

In the Himalayan foothills, from east to north, meat eating is widely prevalent even among Brahmins. Uttarakhand is no different.

16 Apr 2023

Govt-business link not new, opposition must stop tainting it

Though the Adani Group has been around for a long time, it is seen as the new kid on the block.

14 Apr 2023

The famed Wazwan and other treasures of Kashmiri cuisine

Ironically, it was the unrest and insurgency in Kashmir that led to the spread of Kashmiri restaurants and eateries elsewhere in India -- Delhi in particular.

08 Apr 2023

A fish called hilsa and the tale of two Bengals

In West Bengal, traditionally, Iilish has been a seasonal fish. The 'ghotis', in general, thrive on smaller fishes that breed in ponds and some larger varieties like Rohu and Bhetki

01 Apr 2023

Jamva chalo ji: A notorious love for eggs is among the idiosyncracies of Parsi food!

The Parsis have an assimilative culture but are fiercely protective of their individuality, which is reflected in their cuisine

26 Mar 2023

Revisiting raids, corruption and an elephant in the system

Corruption in the babudom cannot exist without political patronage. The roots of evil lie in political funding. However, the antidote for that has to be systemic rather than old-style vigilance.

24 Mar 2023

Food knows no boundaries

Two of Kolkata’s oldest and snootiest clubs from the British Raj era have recently opened their doors to South Indian Coastal Food that is being lapped up by upper-crust ‘Bhadraloks’.  

19 Mar 2023

Maharashtrian cuisine, a melting pot

Whether Sambhaji took Sambhar to the South or it was the Udupi restaurants cooks who brought their hybrid Sambhar to Maharashtra is a debate that will carry on till eternity.

19 Mar 2023

How balanced is my Thali?

Food anthropologists may trace the roots of the Thali to Krishna's Chappan (56) Bhog given the fondness of the Gujaratis for the flautist God with a dark complexion.

19 Mar 2023

In search of India's finest Biryani

I put Biryanis in two genres. The first is characterised by flavour and aroma. The second relies on taste and substance. It is like poetry and prose as it were -- both great in their own place.

19 Mar 2023

Punjabi food: Of Kwality, Chicken Tikka Butter Masala and dhabas

I  have an issue with the very definition of Dhabas. The Dhabas of yore in cities and small towns were distinct from those on highways which had a separate genesis...

19 Mar 2023

Let’s make the GOAT great again!

The stories of Mutton Kebabs (the Burra, Seekh and Boti being the most famous), Kormas, Biryani or the ubiquitous Handi, Aachari, Bhuna Gosht are all too well known.

19 Mar 2023