Santwana Bhattacharya

21 isn't 91: We must reform our reforms

The Modi government has become habituated to riding out criticism without bending. But to be quake-proof, tall buildings need to bend and sway

18 Dec 2020

The rainbow has only one colour left?

 After the wear and tear of over a century, the Congress is no longer the people’s congregation of old. The absence of a leader at the top is keenly felt on the ground

20 Nov 2020

A midnight pyre for our economy too? 

Prosperity needs stability, a semblance of equanimity and equality. ... While our social media tears asunder our own society, Bangladesh has overtaken us on just about all matrices

16 Oct 2020

Insider-out: Harish Rawat saves Uttarakhand government from BJP's internal coup

A lot was tweeted about the ‘Odisha delicacies’ served at a certain power luncheon in Bhubaneswar, by both the host Naveen Patnaik and his VIP guests.

02 Mar 2020


Buzz is, the young Tejasvi Surya (Karnataka), Jamyang Tsering (Leh MP) and two from West Bengal could be brought in as junior ministers.

24 Feb 2020