Santwana Bhattacharya

We, the people, have nowhere to defect

Whichever party wins, it’s always the same cola, in a new bottle. Words like ideology would seem to be at risk of dissolving into utter meaninglessness

21 Jan 2022

Catch 22: The year that will hold a decade

Democracies, already struggling in a world where consensus is mass-manufactured by online bots, are now explicitly turning into elected monarchies—or worse.

24 Dec 2021

The climate in our brain must change

Hate is capital. It can be mined endlessly from the nether regions of online behemoths. Climate catastrophe? What’s that? We are too united in our ways of being hateful to bother about the real world

12 Nov 2021

'Is Soniaji in Delhi? I don’t think she’s here ...'

Rahul seems impatient with Rajiv-Sonia-era politicians. On the other side, the party’s centrists have no patience for his electoral misadventures and experiments with leftism

01 Oct 2021

Kabul wears a burqa, the world shuts its eyes

Who knows what roils its deep insides? How the magma rumbles in unseen aspects of rage … How can we watch placidly when history itself is at stake in a game of roulette?

20 Aug 2021

A Lutyens made of little India

Except for a stray Jyotiraditya Scindia or Ashwini Vaishnaw, Modi’s backroom boys have delved deep into India and plucked the hitherto unrepresented

10 Jul 2021

Going to mandir? Bring some Prasad

Jitin took the plunge as he saw no future for the Congress in UP politics. The choice was between oblivion and self-revival. Not between ideology and power, as is all-too-easily posited.

12 Jun 2021

Auto! Can you take me to my own...?

We were playing fast and loose, kindling those animal spirits that went missing from the economy, and chasing votes, when the virus returned in sundry mutant avatars

14 May 2021

BJP bruised in semifinal duel ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

It was a different kind of birthday for Rahul Gandhi, and the gift he received was a hard-earned one. It was exactly a year ago, on December 11, 2017, that he took over the reins of the Congress.

12 Dec 2018

No-confidence motion: Narendra Modi gains trust, Rahul Gandhi confidence

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi set the terms of the debate with a caustic attack on Modi and followed it up with ba theatrical hug that took everyone by surprise.

22 Jul 2018

Another chronicler silenced in Kashmir

What is this history that fells its own chronicler? This presiding ideology that devours its own subject? Which turns a dead body, a silenced voice, into a trophy?

17 Jun 2018

BS Yeddyurappa’s 55-hour long journey as Karnataka Chief Minister

What Yeddyurappa miscalculated and thereby miscommunicated is his ability to garner a majority.

20 May 2018

Karnataka polls results 2018: The plot thickens after the mandate

Who won how many seats, the joy and sorrow of victory and defeat, all that was drowned in the speculation on who would form the next government.

16 May 2018

Karnataka polls 2018: Tide turned for BJP, but not to its expectations

His quick-footed move to bury the hatchet with his former mentor HD Deve Gowda gave the Congress, fighting with its back to the wall, another chance in the game.

16 May 2018

Survival of the fittest 

Our politicians are fighting great battles of existence. In the midst of this chaotic meltdown, the Karnataka voter has become a side story

27 Apr 2018