Satya Mohanty

Misfortune of an ineffectual opposition

The problem of India is that every Opposition party sees itself as a crown prince and fails to do the basic work other than waiting for people to be disenchanted with the ruling establishment.

12 Feb 2022

As buyers of government services, we are better off being vigilant when the other side is not taking care

It is axiomatic that buyers will have to be more watchful when sellers don’t take care.

08 Jan 2022

A missed opportunity

The only thing which is worse than an aborted reform is a stillborn one.

04 Dec 2021

Middle class is the grist of easy money policy

When Wholesale Price Index (WPI) inflation is 10.5 percent, Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation for September at 5.3 percent looks out of sync.

06 Nov 2021

Robbing collective Pauls to pay selective Peters

Ask any Uber driver the fairness of payment or any small businessman who sells to an aggregator like Amazon, and you will hear a litany of complaints about exploitation.

01 Feb 2021

Healthcare services: Chasing the dangerous unreality

When you start lending the importance of first-order criticality to things that at best are of second order, you run the risk of dallying with dangerous unreality.

17 Dec 2020