Saumya Chawla

Light it up with gold and glitter

Have you been rampaging through the internet, looking for inspiration on what to wear this Diwali? Are you tired of seeing heavy anarkalis and shiny salwars? Do yourself a favour and keep your over-th

09 Sep 2020

Be sun safe

There’s nothing like a sunburn and a suntan to put a damper on all the summer fun. Not to mention the accompanying DNA damage. Our columnist SAUMYA CHAWLA presents a handy guide on how to choose the b

12 Apr 2018

A purge period for skin products? Bad idea!

It’s been a couple of years since I moved back home after college, and 80 per cent of the time this feels like a delicious and wonderful decision.

14 Mar 2018

Self-hypnosis can help you get rid of some of your questionable habits

I know this has been said before — but it still amazes me that sometimes, you spend your entire life thinking you know something but actually have no idea.

06 Mar 2018

When you are game for group classes ’cause the gym is your world

It’s safe to say that this is undeniably my favourite time of the year at gym. We’re safely turning into March; and this is when all the zealous New Year resolutions slowly die out. Everybody abandons

27 Feb 2018

Body mists made out of mermaid dreams

When the time comes (very soon) that I am old enough to be exactly everyone’s grandmother; I’m excited to let you guys know that I’ll be prepared with a ton of genius life hacks, fun stories and const

20 Feb 2018

Dress to date

For some, February 14 is a day to celebrate romance. For others, it’s a day to drink and forget about the person who didn’t text/call back.

14 Feb 2018

50 shades of dark circles

My beauty writer senses are prickling and I simply must find out.

13 Feb 2018

Fruit-shaped or 24k gold masks... What’s your pick?

I am going home to mask,” I declared, tired after 20 minutes of meaningless social interaction. 2018 has barely started and I’m already feeling the heat.

06 Feb 2018

Nightime make-up in the day? Nope, not done

A mong the several other things that have dawned upon me recently, I realised that clinging on to your pleasant and charming teenage rebellious nature into your 20s is rather difficult.

30 Jan 2018

Yes to black lips and no to make-up ‘mansplaining’

This week, perhaps I could share stories about how jet-lagged I am from flying in from Paris because (obviously) I had front row seats for all the Spring/Summer shows.

23 Jan 2018

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the oiliest of them all?

I’m on a mission right now. A not-so-covert operation where I remove all the magnifying mirrors from the face of the earth.

16 Jan 2018

Belly rubs, make-up blues & feline fun

Guys, I know I mention my boyfriend obnoxiously often here, and that it’s slightly extra. I KNOW, okay??? Even he has pointed it out to me.

09 Jan 2018

Faux fur mules instead of flip flops to ‘dress for success’

When I left my job in newspapers last year to explore the fashion industry further, I took a list of contacts, a lifetime’s supply of ballpoint pens and the unwavering belief that the term ‘dress for

02 Jan 2018

Because change is the only constant thing

Papa, don’t grow old,” I threw my arms around my father and pleaded; and held him tighter and longer than I have in a very long time.

26 Dec 2017

Where’s my winter wonder, Santa?

The past few weeks have been a big, smelly-doozy, crap fest.

19 Dec 2017

Essential oils, foam roller & a back massage to heal thyself

Let this column serve as my last will and testament — stating that I, Saumya Chawla, being of sound mind and body, shall be so generous as to share with you a few life-changing tips and products to he

05 Dec 2017

On land or below sea, keep sunscreen handy

There are as many reasons to go on a holiday as there are places to go.

28 Nov 2017

Nature’s call for your skin

Chennai-based skincare brand Astrea produces handmade solutions for all your skin woes. The brain behind the brand, Sharon Sabina Natrajan, makes her own formula that’s free of chemicals.

22 Nov 2017

Wasabi and pepper have no business on your lips

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and been greeted by a red face, bloodshot eyes, trickling nose goo and a sweaty reflection frantically looking for ice cubes and tissues? Do you ever find yourself thinking, “How did we end up here?” Well that was me last week.

21 Nov 2017

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