Saumya R Chawla

Birthday edition: Surviving hair mishaps

Life comes at you fast. One minute you’re blowing out candles on a cake, and the next you’re extinguishing fire out of your hair.

26 Sep 2021

One pore at a time

Let’s be honest, we’re no strangers to being self destructive in the name of beauty.

18 Sep 2021

Rebel edition: Beauty vs boyfriend

This is also how the smaller parts of my life suddenly opened up to a whole new world of rebellious possibilities.

14 Sep 2021

The one where no one’s ready

My most recent (valid) reason for being late was actually quite bizarre, now that I come to think of it. It started off with a disastrous moisturiser, primer and foundation combo.

24 Aug 2021

The ultimate face off: Men vs skincare

Of all the insanity that constitutes the real estate market, there is perhaps no property battle which has been as passive aggressively contested as the one over a shared bathroom counter space.

14 Aug 2021

On existential ennui and cleansing plans

A swipe of colour on the cheeks and a cloud of perfume is definitely a good temporary fix for the existential ennui that the pandemic brought with it.

10 Aug 2021

When the beauty police chimes in

It’s Friday night, you’re at a really fun bar and the bathroom line is needlessly long.

24 Jul 2021

Beyonce called, she wants her skin back!

When I went in for my appointment a few weeks later, I pleasantly learnt that there was nothing spa-like about the experience.

17 Jul 2021

Beauty, basics & beyond: Essence edition

They stung (not always in a good way) and it was always satisfying to check the cotton pad to see just how clean this step made your face.

10 Jul 2021

When beauty has no meaning

Technically, fragrance is not an ingredient, and companies can hi d e wha t eve r sne ak y ingredients they choose under the umbrella term.

26 Jun 2021

Quarantine knitters and expiration date enthusiasts

A 26-year-old woman is likely not the first image that would come to mind when people talk about knitting.

19 Jun 2021

The advent of exfoliating acids, mask acne

Based on the boom in the skincare industry over the last few months, it looks like skincare is that escape for a lot of people.

14 Jun 2021

Help! My dog ate the retinol! 

On Christmas last year, a little package came knocking at my door. It was Valerie in a basket (who looked more like a rodent than a puppy), and I fell in love.

07 Jun 2021

On skincare that works for you

Seriously, the more time I spend on social media, the more I realise that there isn’t as much “bad” skincare, as there is bad advice, or people interpreting the wrong way.

29 May 2021

Hair rituals with magic monoi oil

They met at work (my bathroom counter) and brought out the best in each other. The Virgo serum loved my hair’s potential.

22 May 2021