Shahid Faridi

Power Games: Sahara after Saharasri

The group is rich in assets but short on liquidity. Therefore, the first big battle is for the release of Rs 24,000 crore deposited with SEBI. 

27 Nov 2023

Power Games: Dehadrai’s cross-examination - Exasperated MPs and the problem of pronoun

My news report was, therefore, not based on “hearsay and whataboutery” as claimed in the legal notice. It was based on definite information about the proceedings of the Ethics Committee.

20 Nov 2023

Power Games | Mahua Moitra Trial: Memory loss, Desi Ghee & the issue of locus

When he continued to give “I do not remember” as the staple answer, an MP asked him if the affidavit was prepared by him or by someone else.

06 Nov 2023

Delhi liquor scam 2.0? CBI sniffs Rs 1.5K crore discount swindle

CBI is looking into a new discount swindle in liquor purchase by the Delhi govt. They are probing if part of this discount was routed to Punjab, and they received a part in cash in Delhi.

02 Nov 2023

Power games: Government deputes top officers to save 8 navy men

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trusted diplomat Deepak Mittal is spearheading India’s efforts to help eight former Indian Navy personnel,

30 Oct 2023

Power Games: Captain Amarinder Singh may follow loyalists back to Punjab Congress

Most of the Congress leaders have returned to the party fold. But the top defectors – Amarinder and Sunil Jakhar – have stayed out.

23 Oct 2023

Power games: KCR may not hand baton to son after polls

Sources close to him said the chief minister plans to continue in the post until his party gains ground in a few other states and gets a national status.

16 Oct 2023

Power games | Caste Cauldron: BJP’s social coalition vs Oppn’s OBC card

According to sources, the Congress is planning to field its big guns from UP in the next Lok Sabha elections.

09 Oct 2023

Power Games: 25 Meitei MLAs in Delhi to press for solution for Manipur crisis 

The violence that erupted between Meiteis and the Kuki tribals has now gone on for months and has left in its trail more than two hundred people dead on both sides.

02 Oct 2023

Power Games: Congress calls new Parliament a multiplex, prefers old House

"The old building gave you a sense of space and openness while the new one is almost claustrophobic,” Jairam said.

25 Sep 2023

Power Games: Storm brewing over ‘downgrade’ of Election Commission

The government has decided to table the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners (Appointment Conditions of Service and Term of Office)

18 Sep 2023

Power Games: India shields Russia, counters China’s hegemony

Indian diplomats worked hard to evolve a consensus on the draft’s language. As a result, Russia was let off with a light rap on the knuckles.

11 Sep 2023

Power Games: No INDIA seat-sharing in Punjab, Kerala and West Bengal

The parties have arrived at a broad understanding under which there would be no alliance in states where non-INDIA parties are non-existent or too weak to defeat the INDIA party candidates.

04 Sep 2023

Power games: Nitish grows restive for INDIA convenorship

All is not well in the opposition INDIA alliance. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar eyes the post of INDIA convenor.

28 Aug 2023

Sanjay Mishra likely to head new oversight body coming for ED and CBI

Sources said the government feels that there is a lot of overlap in the areas of investigation of the ED and the CBI. A CIO heading both agencies would bring better synergy between them.

23 Aug 2023

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