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Leukaemia Takes a Toll on Childhood in Kerala

Paediatric leukaemia constitutes a major chunk of childhood cancers in the state.

13 Aug 2015

Novel Bid to Bring Kerala Third Gender Into Mainstream

In an attempt to bring acceptance, the project ‘Fly and Shop’ will be launched in Kollam under the aegis of Kerala State Aids Control Society .

10 Aug 2015

Filling a Gap in Special Education

The frantic efforts to know more about their child’s problem led Sandhya and Prajin Babu to come up with a school for dyslexic children.

21 Jul 2015

A Special School

Earlier, things had started appearing rosy, when they admitted their child to an institution where such students get special attention.

21 Jul 2015

The American Dream

Canada-based Keralite Sunil Nair’s Detour to Canada narrates the story of Vinu who dreams of going to the United States of America

11 Aug 2014

Lifestyle Diseases Becoming Common Among Pets Too

Can you believe that your pet dog can also fall prey to hypothyroidism and many other lifestyle diseases, like you? The answer is ‘yes’.

06 Jul 2014

TB cases go undetected in Kerala

A large number of tuberculosis (TB) cases in the state are going undetected as early diagnosis of the disease is not being carried out effectively.

13 Nov 2013

Taking up cudgels against corruption

If you walk into the Civil Station at Kakkanad, you could see five people, including sexagenarians, exhorting all those arriving at the Collectorate to strictly ask for an acknowledgment slip for any kind of transactions they undertake at any of the government departments.

11 Nov 2013

'We lack reliable data on blood transfusion'

Though there are enough blood banks across the country, shockingly most of these do not have any facility to find out whether the blood supplied is infected or not.

11 Nov 2013

Medical care for physically-challenged remains on paper

Right from the reluctance to hold medical camps in backward areas to other issues, the Health Department is cold-shouldering physically-challenged in backward areas.

08 Nov 2013

Processing of auto permits turns tedious

The Motor Vehicles Department has initiated measures to fill up vacant slots by issuing city permits to autorickshaws after 20 long years, it has met with several hurdles.

07 Nov 2013

Needed: A Council to address LPG woes

Setting up a district consumer protection council can solve complaints regarding LPG distribution to an extend

05 Nov 2013

Renewal of building No Objection Certificate in limbo

The state government’s new order to renew No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by the local bodies every year for building construction is yet to take off in Kochi.

30 Oct 2013

Kerala's ageing rural population at risk of vascular dementia: Study

Studies as recent as in 2012 indicate a high prevalence of vascular dementia among rural folk, compared to the urban grey population in the state.

22 Oct 2013

Consumer cases mount in Ekm

About 1,500 cases are pending as the quorum entitled to pass the verdict is yet to be achieved

22 Oct 2013

Healthy ageing

As we are observing ‘World Mental Health Day’ today, World Psychiatric Organisation has focussed on the ‘Mental health in older adults’ as this year’s theme

10 Oct 2013

Bid to build heck dams draws flak

The government has decided to allot Rs 40 crore for the purpose

05 Oct 2013

Characters coming alive

Kochi-based Anees Salim, who is fast establishing a national reputation, has published his latest novel, Tales From a Vending Machine which has a good story and is apt for a smooth read

01 Oct 2013

For a congestion-free journey through bylanes

Against the backdrop of traffic congestion on the main roads in the city owing to the Metro Rail work, City Express guides you through some hassle-free byroads to help reach your destination faster

23 Sep 2013

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