Shantanu David 

Drinks with strangers

Indian craft gin Stranger & Sons has made a spirited entry into the international liquor market

15 Mar 2021

Out of the box

The banker turned restaurateur has a fine eye for detail, as evidenced by his restaurants Ophelia and the Toy Room.

14 Mar 2021

The hunger games

After a year of being locked in, people were happy to have a reason to celebrate and restaurants are giving them a reason to by introducing food festivals.

13 Mar 2021

Take a Bao

Brandy , you’re a fine girl.” Those are the last lyrics we hear upon exiting our vehicle outside the pyramid of reflection that is Monkey Bar Delhi in Vasant Kunj.

12 Mar 2021

Made in India 'Dukaan app' enables merchants to set up e-commerce store using smartphone

Suumit Shah, CEO, Dukaan App, is offering a new made in India marketplace for all Indian sellers and buyers through his commerce platform.

11 Mar 2021

Check out varieties of burgers in fnancial analyst-turned-chef's culinary venture

It jumps straight into the burgers, of which there are quite the variety, needing only slight buttress by some sides and shakes.

10 Mar 2021

Fresh and Frozen

Ankush Myint has started Myints Foods, a New Delhi based brand that has developed vegetarian Pan-Asian ready-to-heat appetisers and accompaniments along with a selection of sauces and dips.

09 Mar 2021

New podcast, I Hear You, features Aahana Kumra as a clairaudient detective

While people may hear things which are not there while recovering from traumatic accidents, our heroine, Delhi detective Priyamvada Parmar, begins to hear people who are not there any more.

07 Mar 2021

Stories in our plates

Like any good story, the tale of SAGA has taken its own time to unfold, finally leading to a satiating conclusion, and a new beginning.

06 Mar 2021

Spin the bottle

We are welcomed by The Host to the Wanderlust festival being held across the Sly Granny outlets in Delhi- NCR and Bengaluru.

05 Mar 2021

Meals and wheels

“Our emerging premium events vertical, Dineout Passport Experiences, is one of our key differentiators in the country’s F&B space.

05 Mar 2021

Gift of the swag 

Tarini Manchanda on creativity, the pandemic and picking up the perfect gift

01 Mar 2021

Brie the change

Apart from the good Darima Farms is doing for its neighbouring communities, cheese boards across India are all the better for it.

27 Feb 2021

IT Rules 2021: Users will no longer have blanket privacy

It is also meant to provide a means of addressing grievances of content that can be harmful to national security as well as the modesty or safety of an individual. 

26 Feb 2021

Drink for the taste

The craft Made in India beverage brand, which has its biggest markets in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

24 Feb 2021

Singapore sling in Delhi

Mai Bao’s Chef Jeremy Nguee on setting up Delhi’s first Singaporean restaurant and his love for Indian spices

23 Feb 2021

2021: Comic con lives on

While the Capital is still the site of the Annual Indian Comics Convention, the property has since expanded into Comic Con Express.

22 Feb 2021

Farmed to tables: How to grow your own vegetables with hydroponic set-up

According to Pind Fresh founder Somveer Singh Anand, there are three kinds of growers who come to purchase their range of products.

20 Feb 2021

The games we'll play, in 2021

Experts continue to see a steady growth in online gaming in the ongoing pandemic

17 Feb 2021

The need for the un-hoarding of app stores

According to agencies, Jack Dorsey said, 'the most important thing to focus on, in terms of decentralising social media, is that it creates a much larger corpus of conversation.'

16 Feb 2021

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