Lessons in an animated world

Yemanja flowed through the Ogun river, moving with the current into the Lagos Lagoon, and then surged into the Atlantic Ocean travelling onwards with enslaved people on ships.

29 Sep 2022

Casting character in caste

The outcome for every survivor who seeks legal recourse has an impact on the emotional liberation or continued suffering of many others.

27 Aug 2022

Changing the morals of moral policing 

Last month, they vandalised the bench by cutting it up into three one-seaters. Is it easier to pat yourself on the back from a moral high horse, or do you lose balance and fall off?

06 Aug 2022

Reworking the language of love and abuse

The language around love and abuse seems to be changing at least in my world, as observed through algorithms.

30 Jul 2022

A slice of reality on social media?

That social media platforms became increasingly inauthentic once individual and corporate brand-building and monetisation became driving factors behind them is something that most users know.

26 May 2022

Weight of workplace

What about offices that expose the lifestyle and insecurities of their employees in the name of ‘good health’?

21 Apr 2022

Gender parity in civic services: Power struggles in a patriarchal society

It may also not be true at all, of course. Internalised misogyny is an interesting thing, and political power has a tendency to be ethically corrosive anyway.

26 Mar 2022

Enduring the loneliness epidemic

When announcing the new Ministry, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga commented that women were at higher risk.

25 Feb 2021

Ban condom ads, ban sex education!

From 6 am to 10 pm, Indian televisions will no longer broadcast condom ads.

13 Dec 2017

The theory of ‘belonging’ and the roots of origin

October 1 was the 10th anniversary of my move to Chennai.

12 Oct 2017

Co-existence of odds in nature

The holes didn’t make the leaves look any less beautiful, and that’s what caught my eye.

27 Sep 2017