Sharanya Manivannan

Weight of workplace

What about offices that expose the lifestyle and insecurities of their employees in the name of ‘good health’?

21 Apr 2022

Gender parity in civic services: Power struggles in a patriarchal society

It may also not be true at all, of course. Internalised misogyny is an interesting thing, and political power has a tendency to be ethically corrosive anyway.

26 Mar 2022

A Westland author’s plea for posterity

Speculation is rife about how this closure happened at all, but what is not discussed is just how short a window of time remains for Westland titles to reach the market.

11 Feb 2022

On the course of political polarisation

Call them silos, echo chambers, the algorithm or well-curated interests, but more and more, venturing out from ours is hard.

14 Jan 2022

A new year, and a renewed hope

I brought this year in by myself in a borrowed house by a beach: writing, reading, cooking, watching TV, listening to music, healing.

07 Jan 2022

Of culture, cricket and commercials

Two advertisements were withdrawn in India last week, each widel y commented on.

06 Nov 2021

A helpline for men in a utopian world

One of the largest, with a network of 40 NGOs, even brands itself as “saving” the Indian family system

28 Oct 2021

When privilege loses its power

The apps went down and the atmosphere cleared – just for a bit, just enough to breathe in what it feels like to be without them.

07 Oct 2021

Trying to log off in the digital era

This is because of the dire turn that social media and the Internet have taken over the last decade.

23 Sep 2021

Of assumptions & autonomy

Instead of just dealing with the particular intricacies of the case, the bench felt it fit to opine on Indian women’s desires and personalities at large.

02 Sep 2021

The echoes of evil

Sometimes, the heart is so weary that the hand can barely bring itself to click on a newslink. I feel this hopelessness often these days.

06 Aug 2021

Keeping up with the Guptas

The series stars actor Neena Gupta and her daughter, designer Masaba Gupta, playing themselves, referencing their lives’ events within the framework of fiction.

06 Aug 2021

A depiction of dance and desires

If you don’t already know it, you’ll just have to go look up what the acronym “WAP” stands for, in the new hit song that carries that title.

06 Aug 2021

Beyond black and white

At first, the monochromatic photos of women who frequently share their visages filled my phone’s screen — familiar and familiarly attractive.

06 Aug 2021

To take a trip back to the Bronze Age

I wanted to encounter my gods as objects of beauty, and not as objects of praise.

06 Aug 2021