Sharika Nair

6 govt schools are ‘Whitefield Ready’ to take on this world

Residents group conducts classes and fun activities such as bake sales and football toureys to help kids

05 Mar 2018

Love is all well, but couples prefer travel

Youngsters prefer to escape city and its V-Day air of romance, and take a quiet trip for a shared experience in a remote corner of the world

14 Feb 2018

Bye, bye candlelight.  Quirky romance is in

A box of chocolates, a heart-shaped red velvet cake and a candle-lit dinner? This cliched idea of romance has been chased out the door, with a bouquet of red roses sent flying after it.

14 Feb 2018

City’s keeper of botanical secrets

Dr MH Marigowda National Horticulture Library, which is 150 years old, has extensive documentation on plants and fruits that were there in Mysore kingdom

08 Feb 2018

Pink toilet!  But how do we get it right?

With city to host pilot of this scheme, we ask users and experts how we can have usable facilities

31 Jan 2018

At Silicon edge of city, sits an ancient church

122-year-old Whitefield Memorial Church is known for bringing people from all denominations together

25 Jan 2018

Tired of bully schools, parents open ‘gurukuls’

One group of parents run a school because they believe in a system of education and another, because they got tired of school managements’ high-handedness

23 Jan 2018

Parents send five-year-olds to entrance coaches

Parents are hiring services of ‘preschool experts’, who coach five-year-olds to clear school admission tests.

17 Jan 2018

Till Bengaluru Traffic doth us part…

Instead of tiring themselves out in slow-moving traffic, families including young couples are choosing to live apart and meet on weekends.

15 Jan 2018