Sheila Kumar  

Prisoners of the algorithm

The less number of apps you download onto your phone, the better. The less you offer yourself as clickbait, the better.

18 Dec 2020

You are the sky, and something more

Right up till the instructor said that after the body was totally and completely relaxed (his words, not mine), we must look beyond the corporeal self (my words, not his).

07 Nov 2020

Travellers from Hell

For far too many years to count, us Indians have won the Terrible Tourist sweepstakes, hands down. 

24 Oct 2020

To Mask or not to Mask: That is not the question

Let’s face it, masks R us, for now and the foreseeable future.

19 Sep 2020

If we must travel... linger over moments

In the proofreading manual we editors turn to, we have a term called ‘stet’, which means to let things stand, to ignore any attempt to make a change. 

08 Aug 2020

Cancel Culture: Feeding the Socmed Monster

The official avatar of this one has crept up on us almost without warning.

25 Jul 2020

Don't let coronavirus push you into slob pits; remember your style

I find myself gazing repeatedly at this photograph of a corona party (cue eye-roll), a WhatsApp forward I’m weirdly unwilling to delete.

23 May 2020

Distancing? Perish the Thought

Now here’s the thing: distancing is not only an alien concept to us Indians, it also goes against our grain.

09 May 2020

How to stay alive and relevant during coronavirus outbreak

The weeks of social distancing are stretching on, becoming as elastic as time itself.

04 Apr 2020

Pulling inwards: The modern-day hermits

Hikikomori is a severe withdrawal from love, from life, from people.

15 Mar 2020