Sheila Kumar  

For crying out loud, why are we so loud?

Which is why I have to say at the very outset that this is my opinion, not the findings of a study on Indians and their decibel preferences. 

19 Nov 2022

Selective offerings in times of cancel culture

We read and revered a writer, watched and adored an actor, stood before a wonderful piece of art, heard music that was pure magic. Then we chanced upon information that was less than favourable...

29 Oct 2022

In praise of gratitude

What are affirmations but a gratitude list? And anyone who, regularly or occasionally, creates a list of affirmations will tell you how they are suffused with a glow of contentment while doing so.

24 Sep 2022

Sin City Blues... Shenanigans Galore

Women with a Bangalore connect were branded wild, all of them tarred with one slanderous brush.

19 Mar 2022