Sheila Kumar

Farah Bashir’s 'Rumours of Spring' navigates the challenges of living in the lethal shadow of Kashmir in the 90s

Farah Bashir’s poignant memoir is set in the Kashmir of the 90s.

04 Sep 2021

Circle of Enigma: Visiting the stone circle at Castlerigg in England's Lake District

This prehistoric site was probably constructed around 3200 BC and is believed to be the earliest of its kind in all Europe.

21 Jun 2021

INTERVIEW| Writing this book was liberating: 'How to Raise a Feminist Son' author Sonora Jha

Jha speaks on how the process of raising a feminist child is not easy but so very worthwhile.

19 Jun 2021

'The White Umbrella' book review: An adventure to remember

The book benefits immensely from Sally Ann Lasson’s simple but striking black-and-white illustrations.

15 May 2021

Desperately seeking that longed-for silver lining

Just yesterday, a Charlie Mackesy cartoon landed on my Instagram feed. It featured the now famous little boy, the horse and the dog.

15 May 2021

'Jungle Nama' book review: A legend in rhyme

The eroding ecosystem of the Sundarban has long been a cause of concern for Ghosh and woven into this epic is the familiar theme of how man is transgressing where he should not.

03 Apr 2021

'Jakarta Tails' book review: Feline fables and then some more

Soyabean lived in the backyard of an elderly man's house and Tofu was a 'dustbin cat' but both were lucky enough to be adopted by the 'A' family, and loved to bits.

19 Mar 2021