Sheila Kumar

'Yellowface' book review: Wicked ways to be a writer

Laced with satire, the engaging story talks about the struggles of becoming a successful author

16 Sep 2023

A literary mouthfeel into Zac O’Yeah's travelogue 

The neat meld of travelogue and food chronicle makes for an entertaining and informative read

26 Aug 2023

Book review: The covenant of water

A gripping story about a cursed Malayali clan, which talks of unity in the face of an uncanny adversary

29 Jul 2023

Sonora Jha's 'The Laughter' book review: A savage chortle

The forceful satire set on an American university campus, puts the politics of race, identity, religion and more under an unforgiving microscope.

14 Jul 2023

The name is Bond, Ruskin Bond

The reproofs are there, about the noise we make, of unbridled construction activity and more travails of modern life, but they are mild and gentle.

24 Jun 2023