Shikha Tripathi

Summer on my mind: Where to visit this vacation season?

Tips from top travel influencers in the country to take the path less trodden this vacay season by Shikha Tripathi

06 May 2023

Peak of paradise found in Uttarakhand's Jilling, a nondescript hill station

A quaint hill station with an intriguing history, Jilling—a two-hour drive from Nainital, Uttarakhand—makes for a riveting exploration

15 Jan 2023

Odisha Odyssey: A treasure trove of heritage and culture

Sitting on the foundation of a 13th-century stone chariot adorned with 24 intricate wheels that are the monument’s showstopper, the Sun Temple of Konark is undoubtedly the plume in Odisha’s crown.

10 Jan 2023