Shilpi Madan

Seeds of Good Health

Both these seeds are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, from the plant kingdom (alpha linolenic acid) and work as weight management warriors.

16 Oct 2021

The queen of oven fresh

Chef Aditi Handa serves up a unique range of sourdoughs, pancakes and cakes

02 Oct 2021

Have a heart. It’s 'Hamaar Hindi'

Talking in Hindi was simply hara-kiri, in the spartan confines of the convent I studied in.

02 Oct 2021

Metamorphosis of Mumbai's eateries

Restaurants in the city are in reboot mode and leading a layout change movement to suit the new normal.

26 Sep 2021

Plush pickings

Luxury and glamour set the mood at Ekaani’s first-of-its-kind experiential wedding lounge in Mumbai

18 Sep 2021

Chick goes chic: Ways of tapping into health benefits of chickpea

Chickpea is touted to be a priority ingredient for consumers this year, and there are a number of ways of tapping into its health benefits

05 Sep 2021

Jerk it away

Go slow on the tucked-in stock of dehydrated foodstuff to up your health index

28 Aug 2021

Gourmet comes home

Leading chefs have curated new food concepts to stay relevant in these tough times

21 Aug 2021

Here's all you need to know about aquatic therapy and its advantages

Swimming is not a prerequisite as therapy pools require an immersion up to the chest or neck only. Stay hydrated during and after the session.  

07 Aug 2021

Hit the sack fast: Some tonal and tactile changes can help bring the sleep back

You’ve done the drill: performed breathing exercises, kept the gadgetry away, sipped on chamomile and lavender, made to-do lists, hummed, chanted...

31 Jul 2021

Kitchen secrets for a beauty boost

Instead of discarding ageing tubers, slice and place the raw pieces on your under-eye area to reduce dark circles and puffiness

24 Jul 2021

Don’t sweat the small stuff 

In spite of using underarm deodorants, anti-bacterial soaps, and armpit packs, some suffer sweaty armpits. Altering your diet and choosing home remedies could make a difference.  

10 Jul 2021

Mickey on your Birkin?

Artist-entrepreneur Kanika Ranka redefines luxury by elevating handpicked gifts to personalised, treasured artworks

10 Jul 2021

It’s an intimate matter: Women now have an array of menstrual, femcare products to choose from

Stepping away from stigmas to meet the needs of women are an array of femtech-monikered products that go beyond the pink.

03 Jul 2021

Look at the big picture of well-being, nurture your body, soul, relationships, career and environment

Celebrate your bio-individuality instead of harping on weight and inch loss 

29 Jun 2021