Shilpi Madan

Each day isn’t productivity challenge, being enough is enough

Prima facie, I’m neither powerful nor perfect, and still misplace my spectacles all the time, with clothes spilling out of my inch-pinch cupboard.

27 Nov 2022

A Tea-time tale: Mumbai's Irani cafes

Leitmotif of the Persian influence, the sweet, milky Irani chai resets the emotional thermostat with its nostalgia and whimsy.

23 Oct 2022

The unbearable sense of loss

My mom passed on over a month ago, and for all my wordsmithery, I was staring at a blank page for hours blinking back tears, when it came to writing her obituary.

21 Oct 2022

Elevating contemporary streetwear from everyday to extra special

Contemporary, cool cuts sit stylishly with unique ethnic motifs in spunky men’s streetwear label No Grey Area by Chennai designer, Arnav Malhotra

08 Oct 2022

PotHoleRaja: Comrades-in-arms for a good cause

Bengaluru’s social enterprise PotHoleRaja is on a relentless mission to usher in a pothole-free India and they are speeding on this road at full throttle

26 Sep 2022

Not just for kicks: India’s sneakerheads growing into huge community of collectors

The rapid rise of athleisure and the huge presence of international brands with their latest range is powering sneakerheads in the country.

24 Sep 2022

Getting past mane worry

This laziness in labouring over the mane -- as grandmother’s love took great care of it -- cost me a sizable bit of volume loss when I relocated from Lucknow to Mumbai.

24 Sep 2022

The 'maximum miniaturist' championing conservation, global warming and survival 

Jaipur artist Suvigya Sharma is on an NFT mission to protect endangered species through his works

24 Sep 2022

Premium ingredients have no space in my kitchen; I focus on complexity of spices: Chef Himanshu Saini

Chef Himanshu Saini of TresInd Studio Dubai celebrates a mint new Michelin star with an emotion-charged flavour atlas

10 Sep 2022

Plan it green: The plastic bag that dissolves in water, degrades in soil

A first of its kind, the organisation, which piloted in 2019, assumes even more significance in light of the recent ban on single-use plastic in the country.

10 Sep 2022

Here's a recipe to unlock the magic of Black Garlic Podi

Charmed by the natural umami of fermented garlic, chef Hussain Shahzad of the Bombay Canteen in Mumbai creates his own version of Garlic Podi

03 Sep 2022

Meet Busa the sari-clad doll made with leftover organic fabric

Sustainable fashion designer Anavila Misra uses leftover organic fabric to craft dolls clad in cotton saris and a coterie of animal companions inspired from the Panchatantra.

03 Sep 2022

Spinning a new story: Check out Aarushi Kilawat’s The Loom Art’s latest range

Sustainable fashion and craft revival forms the core of fashion designer Aarushi Kilawat’s new collection.

27 Aug 2022

A wordsmith’s treasure trove

It might be fashionable to upcycle these days, but this is something fundamental you learn when you start out as a writer.

27 Aug 2022

Cocoa butter makes it better, try the prawn butter powder bowl

Chef Rohit Sangawan hails cocoa butter as the silent hero in his culinary repertoire

20 Aug 2022