Shilpi Madan

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The fashion physicians: Doctors turn to the world of couture

Meet doctor designer duo, Dr Rishi Roy and Dr Vibhuti Dhaundiyal, who perform the cut-and-stitch-up job to perfection.

17 Oct 2020

Form and Function: Putting theta healing in fashion

Designer Arpita Bhandari channels theta healing through her latest collection of furniture and home accessories.

05 Sep 2020

Home decoratives make for affordable luxury at Bengaluru’s plush store, Curio Casa

Tastefully arranged across six sections, the products are a happy mix of local craftsmanship and curios curated from across the globe. 

29 Aug 2020

Water decoder: Find out what works best for you

Alkaline or redwood-soaked water, infused or regular, here’s scanning them on the merit index and showing you ways of making water consumption easier 

15 Aug 2020

Room to Bloom

Mompreneur Anika Sadrangani pours love into baby rooms through her year-old wallpaper brand Dolce Bambino.

25 Jul 2020

Primp Up Your Pooch

Special trinkets for happy hounds, cuddly cats and more

23 Jul 2020

Convert vegetables with short shelf life into nutrient ninjas by storing them right 

They wilt before you’ve even had a chance to carefully look at them. Here are smart cues to better the shelf life of vegetables.

18 Jul 2020

Comfortable and chic: Check out designer Maheka Mirpuri’s 'Rainforest Escape' collection

With sensible dressing on everyone’s mind, Maheka has brought in chic convertibles in powder pinks, fleeting blues, crisp whites and more.

18 Jul 2020

Timeless Trinkets

Traditional, handcrafted jewellery gains new design grammar in the magic hands of Sangeeta Boochra.

20 Jun 2020

Global luxe with a local twist

Renaisaance Homez’ Angie Kripalani launches a new wedding registry service with decor pieces curated and designed by her.

13 Jun 2020

Healthy eating: Crunchy munchies for your hunger pangs

Hunger spares nobody—millennial or the roaring teen. The stomach begins to growl between 4-6 pm. Crunchy munchies quell the beast.

06 Jun 2020

Classically contemporary: Saga of India's very own 'jadau' jewellery 

Indian in soul yet extremely global in appeal, each of Falguni’s creations is rooted in tradition, yet has an air of modernity.

30 May 2020

How to repurpose leftover food amid lockdown

Here are some innovative ways of reusing wilted or leftover food to reduce wastage and increase utility    

24 May 2020

The Power in Your Pocket

Goulian Finch takes the Western pocket square and gives it an Eastern twist with Banarasi weaves.

09 May 2020