Shinie Antony 

Lipstick under my mask

​On the plus side, one can relax about tics, twitches, buck teeth, hirsuteness if female, wispy moustache if male, as well as moles, bruises, hickeys and generally any unsightliness in the oral area.

21 Nov 2020

Hey, good lookin’, whatcha got cookin’?

A fast-forward into the current century and you see a million male cooks turning on the piped gas in apartments all over cities, asking their female bosses what they’d like to eat today

18 Oct 2020

Art of perfect 'end': Conclusive or open-ended, good storytelling's virtue lies in leaving viewers satisfied

Dragging a tale can be fatal to it. Timing is everything; a correctly executed cut-off is what makes for an effective narrative. Stories must find their full stop.

26 Sep 2020

The Sushantification of News

Prime time is a battlefield of mythological proportions as ex-colleagues and former friends take on each other on the breaking news front.

05 Sep 2020

The Myth of Mutuality

The seesaw of ups and downs in relationships blinds one to the intrinsic power struggles when still in the present tense.

25 Jul 2020

A day in the life of a romance writer

Boy meets girl–but where? At the chemist’s hiding a cough or in the hospital fighting over the last oxygen cylinder? Should he shave, should she wear lipstick?

04 Jul 2020

The fault in our stars

As a nation, we always preferred fortune tellers to journalists to get the real juice. Newspapers tell us what has already happened, astrologers tell us what is going to happen.

06 Jun 2020

Smells like Quarantine Spirit

Adults everywhere, whatever their vintage, are learning that it is difficult to put a lid on one’s feelings.

18 Apr 2020

This is Corona speaking

These are not normal times, our lives hijacked by a virus.

21 Mar 2020

The highest of highs

In this day and age to declare yourself a teetotaller is shameful.

29 Feb 2020