Shinie Antony 

Please don't feed the trolls

The faceless nature of social media interactions can excite a particular breed of people.

10 Oct 2021

Hello, Brother

It is only after my father’s death that I realised how much a part of the general support system he really was/is.

20 Aug 2021

Power of the absurd

We have just enough sanity to get by these days. Thanks to our eccentricities, superstitions and OCDs, however, we have just the crutch we need.

08 Aug 2021

Like a woman scorned

‘Crone’ is a dead word. Hags, nags and old bags are history. Now cover your ears, ‘middle-aged’ is about to self-combust.

16 Jul 2021

A pox on vax

It is all the doing of those anti-vaxxers! To whom the vaccine is the villain, the big bad giant who needs to be defeated with magic beans. 

05 Jun 2021

When feminists fall in love

Having met KR Gowri Amma, my husband’s aunt, at a couple of family functions, I was thrilled to be granted an interview while compiling a book on Kerala in 2009.

16 May 2021

To his coy who?

The tired economical implications of the usage of ‘mistress’ are well known; it is the stereotypical male as breadwinner, philander and erotica expert

30 Apr 2021

Why men ask for water

Men are obviously enjoying the perks, but the women seem blind to the privileged class that they themselves enable

17 Apr 2021

Charity begins at home and waiting can end a war

When blood turns against blood, as it frequently does in Bollywood productions as well as our own clan, there is much bombast and bruising.

19 Mar 2021