Shonaleeka Kaul

Shakti worship and selfhood in Kashmir

This can be understood at different levels. All major Hindu gods and goddesses have been worshipped in Kashmir for millennia.

13 Nov 2020

Remembering Lal Ded, the Kashmiri Yogini

Lal urges a simple and spontaneous (sahaj) realisation or recognition of this ultimate reality by turning inwards.

16 Oct 2020

The Idea of India: A historical corrective – II

In my last column, I wrote about how there was an idea of India long before the British colonised us and that its core tenet was this country’s vastness and diversity.

23 Sep 2020

The Idea of India: A historical corrective

A century and a half later, some influential Indians are still denying the existence and even the possibility of an India in premodern times.

14 Aug 2020

The Silence on Kashmir’s historical identity

It has been assumed that since Kashmir was geographically isolated, she was also historically secluded from the rest of the subcontinent. This is unhistorical and untrue

17 Jul 2020